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  1. I have an Ordnance survey map on linen larger than A1 size of the Lacemarket and Castle circa1860. Contact me if you need a copy. which I will need to scan. The scale is 1:500. Cheers
  2. Vic49

    Early 60's

    I just re- read my original post and what I meant to say regarding the marriage ...was my fathers sister married my mothers brother.. That' OK isn't it.? Just making sure you are all paying attention....
  3. Vic49

    Early 60's

    Some interest in my original post. Our family name Preston and the occupier of 34 Grove Road was Bradley (mothers maiden name). That house as of last month is now empty and for sale. Someone referred to the proliferation of student accommodation....on our trip to the UK last month I did notice that many of the old Victorian terraces had conversions done to accommodate students. I also noticed the high rise flats are being demolished. I lived in Abbey Court for a while after getting married. My cousins living there were Pauline and Peter. Peter was a bit of a teddy boy with drainpipes and lo
  4. My family ,the seven of us had just returned from a stint overseas in Malta.Our Dad Flt.Sgt T.R. Preston and Mam Dorothy (Doll) with us kids with an age span of 5 to 22 .we all had our own agendas, never really a together family. We had to compress ourselves into a small terrace at 34 Grove Road Lenton with crusty uncle Horace and aunts Flossie. It was a bit bit odd , but at the time we thought it normal that Dad's sister had married my fathers brother. I can't remember much only that is was a culture shock, us all being compressed into a terraced house below Abbey Bridge, sleeping 3 to a r
  5. I am a recent new member, Following on from this discussion, I hav an old original ordnance survey map circa late 1800's of the Lacemarker area and castle. It is 1:500 scale and detail is extraordinary. I can provide a scanned copy to anyone interested at cost. Cheers
  6. Vic49

    Hello from Oz

    I am a newbie too... Living in Cairns, Far North Queensland. Been in Oz 30 plus years with wife and daughter. We recently went back to Nottingham after an absence of 10 years. The changes we noticed was the proliferation of pound a few iconic shops had either gone or reduced in size. I noticed also the fantastic range of real ales, as opposed to the domination of the likes of Home Ales and Shipstones... which were frankly rubbish..... Cheers
  7. For those who go back this far. Back Row Christopher Prince, Ian Smith, Richard Pynegar, Tony Lawson, John Hunt Front Row Paul Hodson, Michael Turgoose, Victor Preston, Brynley Willems, Bill Dale I can provide a higher resolution if needed. Cairns Australia