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  1. was at hunto until the new school opened {elliot durham] mr tomkins was our form teacher and with little persuasion would describe his time in north africa instead of teaching us lessons got 6 strokes of the cane from mr jewitt luckily the sting has long gone ha!
  2. just reading comments was this the same mr spungin who was one of our teachers at huntingdon st i remember he won an all england competition 1930,s for a cartoon he did of hitler with a paint brush as a moustache, clever man
  3. hello folks. dont know if anyone can help have just joined and would love to find out if anyone knows christine and michael dickinson they lived at 19 saxon place st annes in the late sixties michael worked at percy carnells commercial square st annes and christine worked at c&A st peters gate my name is richard farmer we lived at 21 saxon place any news would be greatly appreciated
  4. hello all, just joined have lived away from nottingham for a long time australia and now bournemouth.we lived for a while at saxon place off alfred st north and then sherwin st i have good memories of st annnes in the late sixties my name is richard farmer and i went to hunto and then elliot durham brian wysall was my best mate living off dame agnes st at i think linden st if anyone remembers me say hello as they say in dorset cheers mdears