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  1. Thanks, gonna take a drive down later see if I can see it. If I can, i'll try and get some pictures and post them up here.
  2. Thanks for your post Bilboro-lad! We might be getting somewhere, I know Sawley Marina is quite a fair bit away from where I lived in Sawley (Pevril Crescent area near the old pub that has now been excavated to make way for more houses) so it must've been loud if it's the one. Was it loud to the extent of it being heard a mile or 2 away? Might have to drive down tonight to see if I can see anything, when you say it was opposite the entrance, isn't that the plank and leggit pub?
  3. Hi guys, thanks for replies, still not figured out what it could be. Cliff Ton - I had a quick look through that thread but none of the posts seemed to date around the time when I lived there. Aha, I've just spoke to my Mum about it, she remembers the siren and says she thinks it was something to do with the 'Water Board' < No idea what this means so didn't bother asking her to elaborate. Tempted to send an email to Severn Trent in Sawley, might have a look to see if they have an enquiries email address.
  4. Hi, thanks for the response Mick. That may possibly be the case. I lived on a road called 'Pym Leys' and it was very audiable from there, I'm wondering if it may possibly be related to the Severn Trent factory nearby - if they used to let off the siren during a chlorine spilage or something like that? I'm gunna ask some of my friends at the time tomorrow to see if they recall anything. Really interested in getting to the bottom of this
  5. Hello everyone! I have a quick question which I have been dieing to get answers for, for ages. I am 21 and now live in Long Eaton, during my childhood I lived in Sawley, I seem to recall there used to be a really low pitched loud siren noise that went off that could be heard from pretty much any house in Sawley. This was around the late 90's to early 2000's, can anyone remember this? and if so, remember what it was? I remember a friends Dad saying it may have been the servern trent water factory in the area but I cannot seem to fine any information on it. It was like a low pitched drawn-ou