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  1. Ah yes. I remember Graham. He came to us after Phil Barlow went. I also used to deliver his paper in the morning for a while. A decent chap as I seem to remember
  2. Ok thanks. I have the picture saved on my phone which is the device I use to be on this site. Not sure how to put the picture on a post though. Anyone help with that?
  3. I have a picture on my Facebook account but I don't know if it would be acceptable to post it on here. The picture was of male
  4. I bought a brand new Corsa 1.2 on a 63 plate. First time I ever have and it will be the last. £11000 paid and less than 2 years later it's only worth £5500. Hate the car due to it being underpowered. I will have to keep it till the end of the 5 year finance agreement then it's going. All me own fault. Usually keep my cars for about 3 years coz I get bored of them.
  5. Fred Posaner at Frank Wheldon. A good teacher with a fearsome reputation. He went to school with my dad so he always only had to say 'don't forget, I know your dad' that was enough to keep me in check.
  6. Anyone on here that went to Haddon? Myself and my older brother were among the first pupils to attend the school when it first opened in 1976. We and many others moved from Westdale Lane Juniors. A Welsh fella called Mr Murphy was the headmaster and my first teacher was Miss Loneck. I think her family had a shop at the bottom of Westdale Lane. I went back for a visit a few years back as it had been open for 25 years, made to feel very welcome by the headmistress at the time
  7. Rufford house 79-84. Loved the place and my time there. Good friends were made and great times were had. Mr Lucas was a character alright along with Mr Aram. Trips to Hollinsclough were a highlight
  8. Frank Wheldon was grey shirt and jumper, black trousers and black blazer with school badge on. The tie was black with a coloured diagonal stripe that corresponded to whatever house you were in. I was in Rufford and our house colour was white. Gym and P.E kit had to be house colours. Had to wear uniform up to third year but in 4th and 5th year you could wear what you wanted except jeans
  9. Hi Robbie. I don't know if Eric is still alive as I have lived in the north west since 1986. Tony was the chap who ran the office and there was a lad called Wayne in the workshop. They were a good firm and actually tried to teach us YTS lads some skills. There were 3 of us on YTS and he kept one on at the end of the scheme.
  10. Not the 1950's but I started on the YTS with Marlow Joinery in 1984. The yard was on Lascelles avenue in Gedling. Eric Marlow was the owner and a great fella he was. Also had to attend Bath Street collage for 6 weeks block release. Eric used to have his yard next to the blacks head during the 70's so he knew my family. After that year I went to Mile End Joinery at Colwick to do an apprenticeship in carpentry and joinery. Left in 1986. YTS wage was £25 quid a week and apprenticeship was £35 quid a week. Happy days
  11. A chap called Phil Barlow was our skip when I first joined, a great bloke. He went on to become District Commisioner. Might search for a few of the lads on Facebook see what they have gone on to do
  12. Hi all. I was in 4th Carlton(st Paul's Own) scouts from around 1978 to 1982/3. Just wondering if they are still going these days and if they still have the band. Parade Sundays were brilliant. I played the trumpet first then became a drummer for a while. Any memories or pictures from members on here.
  13. Some of mine were Super Flight Deck, that's the one you try to land the plane suspended from wire. Verti Bird, Evel Knievel, Super Striker and Crossfire. Best thing EVER though was my bright red Raleigh Grifter, many paper rounds completed on that beast
  14. I also did a paper round that took in Buxton, Cromford and Belper avenues. Sunday morning rounds with all the supplements and magazines was a killer. Used to ride a Raleigh Grifter in them days and that was no lightweight cycle. Second Avenue off Foxhill Road was also a bit of a trial on a bike. Take my hat off to the fella for peddling up Freda Avenue. Nearly killed me self once trying to skateboard down it. I was convinced by my mate Simon Travis it was a good idea.