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  1. It's called keeping abreast of the times
  2. Does anyone remember a teacher named Joe Smith,his name keeps coming back to me,but I can't place with certainty exactly who he was,I think he was the head master at cavo when I was there,also a Mr blenkinsop who was the sports teacher,also Walt Disney no less,he was a geography teacher,
  3. Thanks Rob l,your spot on,remember seeing lots of head lines in the evening post about them both at that time
  4. Are they all dentists lizzie,I seem to remember somebody COOK,he was either national cycling champion,or skating champion,,think he was from Beeston,.....either "on ya bike" ,or "a" toothless wonder",I'm sure he was a dentist
  5. Hello Melissa,I agree,,nice he comes from our neck of the woods and is so wonderfully genuine,...good old nottingham
  6. Hello Stan,I lived in Clifton for 20 years or more,my children were brought up there,my daughter went to high bank junior school there,and she was a school mate of Jake Buggs dad,from what my daughter tells me,they had their hardships one way and another,but I agree he's someone to be proud of,it's a shame Richard Beckinsale died so young,pretty sure he would be world renowned without a doubt
  7. Hello dat47 nice to hear from you,look forward to hearing stories from u too.are u living around the area now,?
  8. Should have said colwick at the end.sorry
  9. Piggy and babs Talking about a bus running up to the top of conno ,is the shop still there,I remember it was two families that started that shop,one family was the bellshaws or bellfields,they used to live on the corner of coningswath and Ernest rd ?, they had two sons Ken and Pete,can't remember other families name,I know the husband worked on the railway down closing.
  10. After a winter like this year (wet and windy ),bring on the globle warming I say,get the deck chairs out lads.
  11. Thanks for that piggy and babs,don't suppose the old Trent buses run any more do they,I know one used to run through to Burton Joyce,and was it gunthorpe and loudham there was one or the same.we used to call it gunthorpe and toilets,because the road sign saying gunthope,also said toilets on it.
  12. My dentist as a lad in carlton had a practise on station rd,think it was opposite the girls school,never did a person deserve his nick name more than he did,butcher Boyd they called him,took me a few years to recover from his butchering.
  13. Just googled Orlando drive carlton where Richard was born,and it came up with several houses for sale,they look very nice,230,000 quid for one now,be interesting to know what it cost 66 years ago,but looking at the pictures I can now visualise the area he lived .
  14. Fantasttic Cliff ton,I had a feeling it was wollaton park,can't possibly be a 39 that still runs from carlton can there ?
  15. Was it a 39 bus that used to take u into nottingham,from carlton square.I remember it originally as a trolley ? bus,and when it got down to manvers street they had to use those long poles to switch to another cable line above the bus,there would be flashes and sparks flying everywhere,can't remember where the 39 terminus was nottingham end,anyone remember ?