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  1. DaveN

    Hey hey

    Welcome to Nottsalgia - you find lots of memories here.
  2. I suppose the amount of people that are now ex-directory must have an impact of the size of the directory entries.
  3. Monopoly Exclusive possession of control Board Game
  4. Sad loss to the world of entertainment. I think everyone will remember him for his part of Manuel, R.I.P.
  5. I'm sure everybody's thoughts and best wishes are with you Carni
  6. Veteran broadcaster Jimmy Young has died aged 95 http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-37903108
  7. DOWN - As in move down Soft feathers Gentle rolling hills
  8. NOVEL - A fictional book - Something new or unusual
  9. DaveN

    New Here

    Welcome Kerry I'm sure you will find much to interest you.
  10. FUSE - Join or blend - Electrical safety device - Length of material to ignite a bomb or firework
  11. PALM - Type of tree - Part of the hand - Conceal something - Palm somone off
  12. LOAF - Bread - Common Sense (Use your loaf) - Idle (Idle your time away)
  13. FRET - Anxious - Ornamental design - Finger board on a musical Instrument, such as a guitar,
  14. SCREEN - Partition - TV/Monitor - Sieve - Conceal - Show as in show a film - Test for infection -
  15. Buff - Polish - Colour - Person interested and knowledgeable about a particular subject Fence - Barrier - Dealer in stolen goods - Practise the sport of fencing
  16. Coach - Instructor or Teacher - Single decker bus, Mug - Type of drinking vessel - Someone's face - Rob
  17. There are several books on Haunted Nottingham ans the county https://www.waterstones.com/books/search/term/haunted+nottingham
  18. Jumper – Pullover or sweater Someone who jumps Fly – Insect that flies Clever Move through the air Pen – Writing instrument Enclosure where animals are kept Female swan Compose Watch – Look Timepiece
  19. DaveN

    Alfreton Road

    I remember the Ling's daughter - Jean - who was at the same school (FFGS) as me.