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  1. I've found an old web comment from Tony Angelo that makes me think they not be so local now. From the web page of ‘Wishful Thinking’ from Tony Angelo 25/05/12 “Brian and I formed The Bandits together at the Palais, Aldershot. Brian (Allen—drms). After the Bandits broke up Tony and Brian parted company but 1969 they were together again as members of ‘Wishful Thinking’. I made an edit to the original to keep it relevant. Thanks for your comments, I'll keep the spade out for more digging.
  2. May be a long shot, but I'm trying to find information on the following 60's rock music makers. They might have links with Nottingham but I don't have any facts about that but if so can anyone remember any of them?. They all played the Festival Hall Kirkby every Friday during February 1961. TONY ANGELO & The Bandits. KERRY RAPID. DEAN RICH. CLIVE LLOYD. THE ANGELO BOYS. Anything received will be welcome, thanks.
  3. Creeky Thank you very much for your welcome and permission to use the photo. An earlier post refers to Alan Parkin trombone and I see I managed to miss your earlier post as well. If they were both 1960 members I'm on the way. It would be special if Eric could assist with the line up in 1960 and perhaps what might have been in their playlist at that time. Am I expecting too much? The memory of the Beatmen is also received with thanks. The dance dates at the Festival Hall are less frequent by 1961 after 10 very full years virtually every week a top Band. The dance night prior to The Leen
  4. New member here Hope you can accept a request for help. The Leen Valley Jazzmen 1961. Anybody help with names of their line up please. The picture at the head of this post is great. I've been tracing every Dance Band, Jazz outfits,Package shows etc that visited the Festival Hall Kirkby 1950 up to 1963. I'm up to 1961 and The Valley Jazzmen made just one visit 28th Jan. Would like permission to copy picture to record them at that time. No commercial interest - charity donations only, limited numbers (around 50) of a publication, 22 page booklet called 'Band Call' full of all the details, lot