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  1. Hi my names pete hillier was at berridge rd untill 1958 nickname was dick hillier remember alan wood , henshaw laurence was his matemate ,mr reid taught r/e he was 6ft 6 and had a mini plushe used to grab you m by sideburns if you misbehaved orhis steel ruler ;also trever andtony searcy was there I lived in shirlyterrace kirkstead street on hyson green ;im 71 now hope theres some of you still alive hope for some replies someone may remember i was always walking round playground on my hands was good at it and ingym
  2. I posted earlier asking about my papa I have recently discovered his name would have been Dickie or pete HIllier, does it ring any bells for anyone
  3. Hi everyone, I have read all your wonderful stories with the hopes of seeing a familiar name but not with any joy as yet. I was wondering if anyone remembers a Peter Haynes I think he may have attended In the early 50s? It would be great if anyone remembers him, he is my papa and lost touch his family at a young age but he has fond memories of his school years at Berridge Hayley