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  1. Slightly off original subject. When we signed for the mortgage with the Nottingham Building Society, they put us on to a solicitor to make it all legal. We went to a little office at the top of Castle Gate or Friar Lane. Talk about Dickensian inside. The was a plaque on the outside wall saying that Byron used to lived there. It was an interesting procedure, in that we had to place our forefinger on a red stuck-on seal and take an oath.
  2. Many happy returns, Margie.
  3. What drink switches you on to Bach? syrup of figs? lol
  4. Such wisdom is only sent down from the gods to the chosen few.
  5. That was the day that Bill Haley and his Comets played at the Odeon. If I remember right, the Evening Post said 'Haley rocks Nottingham'.
  6. Two films on Film 4 that are worth a gleg. Think I might have plugged them in the past, but never mind, you probably took no notice of me last time. Wednesday 11.00 am. In a Lonely Place, starring Humphrey Bogart and the delightful, sultry Gloria Graham. A romance story about a Hollywood screenwriter that has a dark undertone. Thursday 11.00 am. The Bedford Incident. Probably the best Cold War film, starring Richard Widmark. Be prepared for a totally unexpected ending.
  7. Sex? What's that; what posh people have their coal delivered in?
  8. I know it is not possible with such a large structure, but if the relative could trace their finger through the incised name of the soldier, I always feel that for a short while they would be together.
  9. To prevent this from happening again - live in a bungalow.
  10. Can't see an appropriate thread to park this, but feel sure the lorry buffs will like it.
  11. When No.412 Air Training Corps squadron moved from Haywood school in Sherwood, I feel sure that the building on Howard Street is where we went to. This would be 1954.
  12. Now it can be told. Thinking that you have had enough of my medical problems I have not reported that back in October I fractured my right shoulder. I was crossing Hucknall Road outside of the hospital; it was rush hour with the traffic solid and creeping along. I walked, safely, in front of a lorry with a big gap in front of it. I did not trip but felt myself stumbling forwards. I could not save myself and fell heavily. Keeping my head high I fell on my right shoulder. I could not get up, and the lorry driver got out of his cab and helped me to the pavement. The shoulder felt sore, the bus ca
  13. Another idea could be to have inserts set in pavement slabs with the names of the commemorated and their field of enterprise. This is done with the stars on Hollywood Boulevard and at Palm Springs (have a picture of me kneeling by my idol Frankie Laine). The slabs in the Square would be ideal for this.
  14. I don't know whether or not I have told this story, but here goes. One Christmas, after a session in a pub, three of us set out to go to a party somewhere in West Bridgford. We went in a Triumph TR2 sports car; the driver was a learner. He was accompanied by his pal, a qualified driver. On the so-called back seat we had two crates of beer. Where did I sit? on the lap of qualified driver. We drove down Arkwright Street and when we got to Turney's factory we were pulled over by a police car. The policeman came over to us and told the driver that he doing 40 mph down Arkwright Street and shone hi
  15. Those of you who have wondered what happened to cause the great financial crash ten years ago, it's all here in this spoof scene adapted from It's A Wonderful Life.
  16. Dad did the signwriting of Redfern's lorries in the early 1950s. The lorries were built up from rolling chassis by F Evans, where dad worked. On the lorry tailboards he painted a spectacular display of bottles and fruit, some cut in half. For the Coronation in 1953, Redferns' produced lemonade in red, white and blue colours - the white was the usual brew. Edit: Oh dear. I have said all of this in a previous posting.
  17. N'mind about cats and dogs, let's hear it for guinea pigs. This is Sam No.1 with daughter Barbara. They are lovely pets, but not long-livers. Used to let him run around the house until it all went quiet. We would find him nibbling the wallpaper nearest the skirting-board. He use to have the occasional habit of suddenly squeaking and jumping vertically into the air, turning 180 degrees at the same time. We had three cats. Mention has been made about giving them a bath. We did to one of ours. Have you ever seen a totally soaked cat straight out of the bath with all of its fluffy fur
  18. A lot of people who stagger out of the Lumley Castle see things they don't understand.
  19. One of my shaven-headed minions carries it for me. Wi-Fi reception is not too good, despite the altitude.