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  1. R.I.P. Mr King hope they bury Lucille by your side
  2. Does anyone remember Simmys Motors second hand car dealer in Basford during the 50s and 60s?.Simmy himself used to drive a Canadian Ford Mercury left hand drive a bit of a larrikin the car had musical horns and a big number plate on the back which read Nottingham. Bazza
  3. Hi Mariag,I did my apprenticeship also at Hooleys,started work there at Derby road in 1956 I actually got the sack in 1959 for smashing up a brand new not even registered Ford Prefect.Mr Cottee was the works manager there and he was the the one who sacked me saying I was to expensive to employ.I always thought an apprentice couldn't get sacked if he or she was indentured any way old man Cottee got around it somehow.His son worked there also his name was Michael Cottee he was fresh out of the RAF when he came to work for Hooleys.Along with Michael and Horace Enion we were sent to a big warehous
  4. My first job after leaving school was an apprentice motor mechanic at Hooleys Garage Derby road in 1957,Horace Enion was my mentor.We were assigned an experienced mechanic ,Horace was my bloke nice man took me under his wing so to speak taught me a lot. Barry
  5. I play the ukulele not as good as George Formby (turned out nice again)every tuesday get together with a group of fellow psuedo musos play mostly blues a little Beatles,now starting to look at Tony Joe Whites Ice cream man and Polk Salad Annie.Blues and the uke is a bit out of the ordinary but it works quite well.
  6. Why here in OZ do we keep aligning ourselves with Europe and God forbid the Queen and now our stupid PM has given Prince Philip an Aussie knight hood.The whole thing is ridiculous since when has OZ been part of Europe,please don't get me wrong I'm proud of my heritage but its time to move on God bless the Republic (wish we were one).Good luck to the Eurovision song contest but please keep it in Europe.
  7. The Ellis Old Basford,Navy blazer with green trim,grey pants short or long,navy and green stripe tie and white shirt.Very few boys wore the uniform it wasn't compulsory,only those parents who could afford it had there sons in school uniform
  8. Another Ellis old boy,good school wan it.
  9. How ridiculous don't need toilets in the square anymore.On my last visit I was in Slab Square dying for a pee found one yes ONE up an alley way way near the old Black Boy Hotel.The old Slab Square loo was great you could even have a wash and brush up and an attendant on duty all the time too keep the place clean.
  10. Have just listened to The Ricky Hunter Big Band on you tube playing In The Mood.Great band great sound and there was a couple of shall we say "mature" musos playing,good stuff keep it up!!!!!
  11. Remember remember the fifth of november gunpowder treason and plot. Do you still have bonfire night over there I remember fireworks sparklers sixpenny bangers treacle toffee and a big bonfire in the middle of Newlyn Gardens just around the corner from my house.
  12. I think if my memory serves me correctly there used to be a show called "The Comedians" people like Les Dawson used to be on and a lot of other North Country comics.
  13. There are some strange names that I remember from my childhood in Nottingham,one was for teeth and we called them Teggies,anybody got anymore?.
  14. In Tasmania this idea was introduced a year ago but the troubling thing is we in this state don't have yearly inspections like they do in other states just random roadside checks.So a lot of bomb cars with baldy tyres and other such problems.