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  1. The only other thing we know is that she was a member of the Primrose League at one point, but we can't find any connection between that and the "regalia" ( for want of a better word!)
  2. My gt grandma lived in Sherwood Nottingham after she was married & died in 1943. We have come across a photo and are trying to identify what league etc she belonged to.Can any one help please?
  3. I'll ask mum if any of the names ring any bells, although she does suffer from some memory loss now She would have been 12-18 during WW2,
  4. Not sure whether I'm posting this in the right place ( knowing me, probably not!) I've recently discovered that my gran worked for a short time at the munitions factory at the bottom of Aspley Lane during WW2. This surprised me as it's not the sort of work I would have imagined her doing as she was a seamstress! Anyway, I digress! Does anyone have any information about the factory please? Even if only the name to start me off on my research.Fingers crossed & thank you.
  5. Just found out that my mum's first job was at Toon's when she was 15.
  6. So sorry to hear this.Thinking of you & your friend Bilbraborn.
  7. I can quite understand the permission level on certain topics as mick2me quoted in #50 and I have no problems with that..... it was just so frustrating not being able to get on what were obviously 'open' discusssions. Thank you for sorting it.
  8. Standhill Road Infants. Miss Clarke-Goddard ( didn't she have a dog that she used to take to school with her?) Miss Freestone (sp) was my first teacher .. I liked her that much that I refused to move up a class and kept going back to hers! Miss Moon was the second year teacher. I've got a vague recollection of writing on a slate in the first year ..... I could be wrong!
  9. Thank you for thinking of me carni ( #40 & #42 ) ! Can get on to them now .... let's hope it continues
  10. Still locked out of things like First School, which doesn't appear to have a limit on it ( some of the recent posts have less than 30 posts).As I said on an earlier post, out of 15 topics which I tried, I am locked out of 7. If I can't add comment to topics what's the point of staying?
  11. Out of the first 15 I've tried (the recent posts) 7 are locked
  12. I've got the same problem..... 'First School'... I'll have to check & see if there are any more.