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  1. Hi Wolfe Peter Hein, I worked at Elastic Yarns late sixties/ early seventies ( see previous posts) Sorry to inform you that Bill Metcalf passed away earlier this year in a nursing home in Nottingham. For the last couple of years I have been meeting up with Alan Rose and a few others twice a year for a meal and Alan is often in touch by e-mail. Regards Dave Callard
  2. https://www.skiddle.com/whats-on/Nottingham/The-Hemlock-Stone/The-JD39s-Ska-Show/12664567/ Appearing tonight at The Hemlock Stone. I have seen them before and they are good, so if you like this music pay a visit.
  3. Hi Shaz I'm into Northern Soul too and go somewhere most weekends  usually local  ( Notts) I see you are in Chesterfield and I have been to The Winding Wheel a couple of times.


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      Hi thanks for the message - we have been into northern since the early 70s and my husband has promoted and DJ'd at a number of venues over the years. We don't tend to go out as much as we used to- there are a few that we try and regulalrly attend, we don't go to the Winding Wheel as we prefer more underplayed stuff these days. 

  4. Hi Tirkz , I was born in Broxtowe and lived on Withern Road until 1972. I went to Player Junior School then Peveril .
  5. As FLY says google the number and you will see that other people have had calls also and left comments. Then just block the number.
  6. http://stannswellroad.weebly.com/our-backyards-and-front-door-steps.html Here you go Bazza.
  7. http://www.nottinghampost.com/porchester-lodge-estate-memories/story-12232001-detail/story.html HI Bazza found this but don't know if you know the person concerned . There is also a Facebook site of pre demolition St Ann's 1970 with pictures of Westville Street.
  8. I thought they said it was a silk screen printers .
  9. #52 If it's anything like the original one in Bramcote you will be in there on a regular basis. Best chippy in Nottingham.
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    Hi Summer and welcome to the group. Where abouts on Broxtowe Estate did you live, like broxtowelad I too lived on Withern Road .
  11. #5 You are right Dave , it was affectionally known as " Damnation Corner "
  12. https://en-gb.facebook.com/joy.rice.750 Joy Rice calls herself a " performance poet" ? and writes poems to order. She is from Nottingham with a good education.
  13. #6 When the photograph was taken it was called Parliament House until 1981 then it was renamed The Princess and in 1988 it changed names again to Nico's until it closed in 2000.
  14. https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=picture+of+brian+clough+wuit+muhammed+ali&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8&hl=en-gb&client=safari#imgrc=Jf6S7cMnv1nKbM%3A He certainly was the greatest. R.I.P.
  15. #6 Believe it or not Benjamin a total of 16 players have represented Wales while playing for Forest. A few names that you will know. I did google it , it's not from memory. Mark Crossley Rob Earnshaw Chris Gunter David Phillips Dean Saunders
  16. Very sad news.Loved him in Tenko and Last Of The Summer Wine. Also these adverts. https://youtu.be/C2EGwcB05Y8
  17. #32 Who can forget Emile Heskey..........everybody LOL.
  18. #69 I'm on an iPad and have had no trouble whatsoever since this thread started.
  19. #4 There you go ....might bring back memories.
  20. Go into Apps and search for puffin browser, then download it and then go into NTU website Falcons .
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    #20 You are stuck in a time warp.
  22. Lizzie I only have an iPad. I can watch them no problem. Have you been on the NTU website. I watch them on Puffin Browser.