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    # 15 & 18 Ian and TRD with you 100% on this.
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    #10 Where have you been Lizzie
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    #8 OK Cliff Ton thanks.
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    How come I started this topic off and then it was hijacked .....another mystery of a missing post.
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  6. So sad and such a huge loss to comedy. Her and Julie Walters were priceless together. RIP Victoria so many memories and laughter.
  7. #1 Hi Angel remember the shop well. I lived on Withern Road near to Bidford and the cut through to Broxtowe Lane. Not sure of your age but my first proper drink was in The Cocked Hat though used to go with my mum and dad and get a bottle of pop and a bag of crisps from the offi. I now live in Strelley Village and my local is The Broad Oak. Small world.
  8. #Hi David Baker. There is a member on here Plantfit ( Rog) whose cousin was the lead singer with Pink Harmony.
  9. Yes it did Michael. I am surprised it is still going to be honest with you. It has always had a bit of a reputation like the Cocked Hat when that was still going and also the Rose. It is right on the edge of Aspley and Broxtowe Estates so has a lot of potential customers to pull in.
  10. #5 it doesn't look like that now Michael. It has recently been refurbished but still the same clientele 😀
  11. Yes he was a strange chap but even so R.I.P. David.
  12. Glad you found it RR. In my defence it was before I joined 😀
  13. This popped up on Facebook today. I apologise if it's been on before but I had a quick look and couldn't see where.
  14. Is this the same Phil Soar that was at one time chairman of Nottingham Forest.
  15. http://news.sky.com/story/1670262/comic-genius-ronnie-corbett-dies Another one gone . R.I.P . A genius who bought fun and laughter to so many over the years.
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    Johan Cruyff

    one of the finest and most skillful players ever to grace a football pitch. R.I.P. Johan Cruyff
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    Paul Daniels

    R.I.P. Paul Daniels. Personally not my cup of tea but he did bring pleasure and entertainment to millions of people over the years.
  18. R.I.P. Cliff Michelmore another memory of my youth gone.
  19. #2 And they are the people that don't work either .
  20. #76 This one looks alright Ann .Not that I have been myself. http://www.nottingham.co.uk/listing/120205-Georgios-Plaice/
  21. A.D.I.D.A.S........All day I dream about soccer B.I.T.C.H.............Boys I'm taking charge B.M.W............Big money waster B.O.S.S..........Built on self success P.O.R.S.C.H.E.......Proof of rich spoiled children having everything
  22. George Martin has passed away. RIP George http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-35761464
  23. #84 Geoff I remember the Daft family and the Bottoms. I think there were three Daft girls and they had a brother. In that small area on Bidford there were the Harts, Dafts, Bottoms ,Lightfoots and Busts all unusual surnames and all living close to each other.