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  1. Here you go. http://www.independent.co.uk/news/dentist-struck-off-for-assault-1352962.html
  2. https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=pictures+of+footballers+with+dodgy+haircuts&client=safari&hl=en-gb&prmd=isnv&tbm=isch&tbo=u&source=univ&fir=Q-9VWjTKfipdVM%253A%252CyNQvOQy6vAFWVM%252C_%253Bai4pm6ezL6bKoM%253A%252Crl2PCGMJASxCcM%252C_%253BQR5FiddiSueYEM%253A%252CZjYE5zBO5Rm2hM%252C_%253Bjaz4BuC_NbOhpM%253A%252CyNQvOQy6vAFWVM%252C_%253BdX4BNlCWobCEbM%253A%252CZjYE5zBO5Rm2hM%252C_%253BGTF7r956tcwIKM%253A%252CvO61ZG2qRi4jDM%252C_%253BVTn9Jn1lUy-HVM%253A%252C4fhXeyGfByiRNM%252C_%253BH2r3cgUQXi-yJM%253A%252Cxk1MUYplVr9XxM%252C_%253BbM-JvR50RTW_MM%253A%252CnlCJ5pWom4gYlM
  3. #27 It was The White Hart Mick. I used to go there too and remember the fluorescent lights and black curtains at the windows. Funny how little things like that stick in your mind.
  4. Dave 48

    Glenn Frey

    Just found out myself Ian can't believe another one has gone. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-35349025
  5. Thanks for info Ged. I have passed it onto Trev and hopefully he will get in touch.
  6. Just heard the news. I am in complete shock. R.I.P. David Bowie
  7. R.I.P Stewpot. Remember him on pirate radio .
  8. http://www.nottinghampost.com/New-micro-pub-Derby-Road-serve-traditional/story-28475470-detail/story.html New micro pub opening soon on Derby Road about opposite the Cathedral.
  9. HI Ged I have been in touch with my mate Trev Poole who remembers you as he knocked about with the Ilkeston crew in the day. He asked me are you on Facebook ?
  10. Hi Ged welcome to the mad world of Nottstalgia. As you can see in previous posts I have put my recollections of the Dungeon / Beachcomber / Brit etc. I went to a Brit reunion just before Christmas and a few old faces there. I still see Mondo from time to time and his ex April. They had a Palais reunion as well at Christmas so plenty of nostalgia still going on. Maurice Moore ( Moz) is a member on this site and a few more who will probably contact you direct.
  11. Natalie Cole has passed away R.I.P. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-35210812
  12. A Happy New Year to all my fellow Nottstalgians
  13. #192 In Newark Lizzie, but there is one in Loughborough as well. http://www.bluemonkeybrewery.com/pubs/organ-grinder-nottingham/organ-grinder-newark
  14. Sorry to hear of your problems Chulla. My family history is similar to yours and almost exactly like Catfans. My heart problems happened when I was younger but I have regular checkups and blood tests and touch wood everything is how it should be.
  15. #103 Only joking Robin King. We are a very friendly bunch on here and welcome to the site. It gets very addictive.
  16. #34 Ann I don't think even these two will get out of this one.
  17. Justice has been done. Sepp Blatter and Michel Platini banned for 8 years from all football activities starting immediately .
  18. Dave 48

    Jimmy Hill

    Very sad indeed. Probably did more for football off the field than any other person. R.I.P. Jimmy
  19. #13 Carole has not posted since September 2014 so may not see your post.
  20. Another good example is Attenborough ....often pronounced as Atten Bruff. Anything that ends with borough seems to throw people.
  21. Judge for yourself Firbeck. Andy Gray put it in but it was going in anyway off Needham. Forest had most of the possession up to that point.
  22. With reference to the above just noticed DaveN has already posted it in Photograph of a Trolley Bus at Trent Bridge.