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  1. #3 I have been in Benjamin but not as early as you.
  2. Yippee I have reached 10,000 posts. I know a lot have been in Word/Song Association but I have contributed on topics too.
  3. A bit of information here . http://bramcotetoday.org.uk/2015/12/01/bramcote-hills-golf-course-planning-application-reference1400677out/
  4. #228 Is this the one TBI http://www.guinntiques.com/Images/FestivalClock/ClockVersion2.jpg
  5. Good news Michael my best wishes go to you both and your family.
  6. Dave 48

    Ray Trew

    http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/35659566 Can't say I'm surprised as all the abuse he and his wife have had to put up with lately.
  7. Today George Harrison would have been 73. R.I.P. George
  8. #233 Lizzie I have been following the Falcons for the last 3 years on my iPad through an app called Puffin Browser but you should be able to follow them on this link. https://ntufalcons.wordpress.com/ Try it and let me know how you get on.
  9. #73 Dave as you say we were equidistant from the shops at either end of the road but always tended to go to Bradfield end for some reason . The only time I used that entry was to go to the Cocked Hat when I was old enough to drink. You probably know anyway but I can't believe that Prestons Hardware store is still there .
  10. Hi Moirab, I worked on Glaisedale Drive for 37 years and on my way to work had to go via Bracebridge Drive shops for my paper in the morning and on my way home at night plus food shopping at the Co-op store here.
  11. The waste land you are referring to Dave was affectionally known as humps and hollows and we used to take a short cut across there on the way to the beer off on a Friday night for our sweets ( Orchards)
  12. Didn't Geoff Ball live on Bradfield Road ?
  13. #20 I remember they had a daughter who I worked with at Elastic Yarns on Castle Boulevard whose name escapes me.
  14. Found this Col hope it helps. http://www.nottinghampost.com/Help-Norah-recall-happy-Bulwell-days/story-12259317-detail/story.html
  15. #51 Just to let you know Geoff that post from Soldat was 2012 and they have not posted since 2014. I used to have my hair cut at Charlie's the original " demon barber" Funny how things stick in your memory but I always remember he always had a risqué calendar hanging up and in the the late 50's that was very unusual.
  16. 27 28 # Click on " more reply options" insert message then smileys from keyboard and post 😀
  17. Mick I never have had a toolbar since I joined. Is it because I operate from an iPad ?
  18. Here are a few I'm not very fond of: Kai Mackenzie Duane Riley Madison Jayden Kayden Taylor Chelsea/Chelsi India Summer. Ones I do like are Wendy, Vanessa, Jenny, Ginette,Joanna,Bernice....Gareth,David,Luke,James.
  19. #75 Not this Wendy Arnold Benjamin 😱 http://www.manyunggallery.com.au/Artist-Detail.cfm?ArtistsID=702
  20. That is my partners name FLY and what a lovely name it is.
  21. #56 That would have been Hadlums chip shop then Geoff. Best fish and chips around at the time.
  22. I was born in Broxtowe and lived there until I got married in 1972. Moved around a bit but always lived in Nottingham. My dad was from Kimberley and my mum from Pinchbeck in Lincs.
  23. Used to go to Turners late 90's . They had a Northern Soul and Motown night on once a month.