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  1. black midget gems ,n blackcurrant and liquorice
  2. what did they give you castor oil for I can,t remember!
  3. the workers in these pictures are static and moving faster than the shower in Beestono
  4. mapperley tunnel was used to dump landfill
  5. you used to be able to buy a left handed bricklayers trowel to special order the thicker cutting side was on the left
  6. #192 I thought it was scientifically planned deliverys they used to run TK Bedfords I think they had a depot on Glaisdale
  7. the same high handedness that foisted the outdated expensive unwanted crazy jane tram on us
  8. mill at bobbers mill ,and Rob Whitemans corner of Dallas York Road at Beeston ,Great times
  9. I am pretty sure the coffins where made by loaches builders ,who my dad worked for inthe 1940s they moved to Colwick later on
  10. who or what was henry barker smart and brown its in my memory but I cant place it or them?
  11. how did we get by without them ,they are an expensive nuisance dragging you out of the pub when its still open etc..
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    We pay into Denplan its not fortunes you have an assessment and your monthly payment depends on the condition of your teeth, check ups are paid for and the hygenist some essential treatments are fully covered and cosmetic work is covered at a discounted rate , it works for us!
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    big seven

    does any one know where i can buy an Austin big seven top hose locally?
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    queens road dentists at beeston ,brilliant I used to be petrified after my experiences at Gedling but they sorted me out and I almost look forward to going !
  15. sorry to hear you crashed Sue ,you are the same vintage as me you may have seen my flight or known the teacher, we lived on First Avenue at the time.
  16. i#11. if I am not mistaken Apple Tree Lane when I was still a brat was unadopted and led to allotments that went along the top of Priory Road School, my Dad had one ,and my Aunt and Uncle kept the shop on the corner of First Ave
  17. Cliff Ton the one on the left is the same as mine we could form an owners club!
  18. did anyone elses Ma make colwick cheese from milk that had gone sour I used to love it with a handfull of chopped spring onions stirred in ,with a summer salad,
  19. can any one remember the twitchel at the top end of Priory Road Gedling that went past the Church School to Main Road opposite the post office, many years ago aged about five I escaped the clutches of my Mam and tried to use it in my little pedal car, I vaguely remember bowling over one of the school teachers as i shot past the school gate at some incredible speed for a pedal car as he tried to rescue me ,And I came to a rapid stop in the railings to one side of the path , bending them badly which they stayed like for years after ,the adventure was well worth the good hiding I had off my Mam a
  20. Heck sausages from tesco are pretty good!
  21. #2212 there used to be one like on main st long eaton near monkey park I think it was in the wall off tinklers cottage
  22. I wonder if the rabbits are personal friends of Tom and Shirl