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  1. when my missus wants me out of the garage she puts on liver and onions and I float in like a bisto kid
  2. we don,t see wild boars around Toton,but there was a real bore in the pub on friday droning on about nothing!
  3. #20 didn,t know that ,every days a schoolday ,ta
  4. there,s still one in Long Eaton but closure has been announced
  5. the scooter racing club race with British Historic Racing some of the tuned Lambretts give a manx norton a good run for their money,the sidecars are pretty good too!
  6. I hate them ,but it personal choice,
  7. o mub I gant teg by exabs all bunged up lige dis ,course you can Malcolm I hated that one and cant remember what it was for.
  8. its pretty good and the gear is modern, the baths are still there,I joined this one because the other one I looked at was full of foul mouthed louts with back to front baseball hats
  9. I joined here today and really enjoyed the workout ,the staff are great ,I feel like i,ve fallen off a cliff now though ,looking forward to next weeks session
  10. I also had to chuck a sozzled catweazle out of me and hammos tent,if I remember right we only went across the peafield to get to the river that turned out to be a railway line, and the campsite used to be the village rubbish dump,
  11. my head is spinning whats an url ?
  12. mucky hands and shoes parade at school I,d forgot that one!
  13. for the holiday alco plegic I presume
  14. corona pop cresta pop "its fizzy man"
  15. #2110 Bread and butter with tinned fruit I love ,Mrs.Swes pet hate as she was forced to eat it when she was little!
  16. outdated junk ,Beeston is ruined by it
  17. linnels potted dog in a vitreous steel dish with melted butter on top ,and pearces ice cream