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  1. #206 A bit further down from the Crown nearly opposite Kevas used to sell bikes and cars
  2. why I,ve been woken up and asked "did you hear that?"
  3. we have friends in South Devon who fall about laughing at the way we say bus,but they say code for cold like us!
  4. Is the Castle City or County council I feel a rant coming on seeing as we collectively own it and pay to maintain it,
  5. where did the police launch disappear to when they withdrew it
  6. Castle remould tyres they where about fit for horse drawn milk floats
  7. Mr Oscroft used to live on Porchester Rd in a stone built house overlooking the car auctions
  8. I love Notts too ,but am in dispair at what these vandals are doing to it
  9. Nottingham has been spoilt for me by the policies of Jon Collins and Crazy Jane ,WPL an unfair tax ,the tram that hardly anyone wants,and the destruction of many well loved Nottinham landmarks
  10. Did you go to the Stag rally at Nassington when everybodys boots fell to bits because of the acid they used in the pea field ,I would love to see the video of the dragon,
  11. the year of the bog was when we had a massive old army ten to kip in, and if my memory is right Ivatt was wandering round with a durex advert round his neck!
  12. asian corner Ilkeston Road salvation,inebriation,education!
  13. contact breaker points and adjustable tappets
  14. if they had dropped a nuclear bomb in Beeston town centre you woudn,t know due to the tram fiasco
  15. catfan#12 sorry to disagree a bit but the computer will produce a code, but its up to the technician too interpret the problem ,i.e. if a Mercedes posts a code saying no1 lambda sensor out of range , you would probably change the front lambda sensor ,but generally it is the air mass meter that is delivering bad info to the engine electronic control unit ,causing the lambda sensor to not have enough range to alter the fuel trim and flagging the code for the lambda sensor,
  16. #1 further to my post one of the other reasons for not training on welding was,health and safety, and yet they teach welding processes on the body work courses,The other bad side was that we told that "you can pay them a lot less than the minimum wage if they are apprenticed" which made me boil ,my philosophy is to pay a lad on his merits all of our lads have been well paid passed their ata,s etc and stayed with the company mates of mine tell me we are lucky to have found such committed and hard working lads ! I personally think we have made our own luck by treating them properly.incidentally
  17. #61 please insert a comma,thank you