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  1. I don,t know if this is the correct place to put this but we have put several lads through apprenticeships at local colleges, on motor tech courses and they have all excelled,but non of them have been shown any even basic heating welding and cutting, and no machine shop skills.I asked the college assessor about this and he told me that with modern cars there is no call for these skills,they all tell me that the other students on their courses are amazed that we give them all a grounding in these skills ,Are other industries leaving behind old skills as in plumbing ,leadwork brazing etc or do t
  2. what are the pro,s of a tie I can think of plenty of cons
  3. how can you go from tabloid papers to beer that smells of farts and still be on topic
  4. total agreement when its time ,quick overdose of morphine or what have you whats the point of a pointless existence
  5. used to save time at grab a granny nights mind you I had to give it to the grannys (the beer )
  6. with sennacot to keep coming and going
  7. #4piggy n babs can you remember my M20 outfit i used to cart hammo round in it, we went to the dragon rally on it one year when it was at Conwy and the site was a sea of sludge the outfit was in a photo in MCN parked on its own in a muddy field,I think Ivatt went on a Panther with the side car front sawn off because it wouldn,t fit the chassis,the legend on the table at 41 said this table is heavy , why I remember that after all these years god knows, Can you remember Ivatts trials outfit that he had off Rick Rickaby was it a bsa or ariel ?.the reg was GUT41 cheers swe
  8. the mad hatters tea shop at Kimberly is pretty good
  9. buy her a pet owl they woo all night
  10. just remembered somebody told me a bit ago that Tony Stark had bought the ex Dale Ward Saab outfit although it is now kwak powered
  11. I like the signwriting on the BMC I bet the tk was prone to overloading with sideboards that high, what happened to the company
  12. yes it was a bit chilly the table was at the end near the pool table,
  13. what a cow all at our local docs are smashing,you have nothing to lose by going on the attack ,good luck
  14. robbie, what about gramaphone and radiogram
  15. #61 janice Nichol on hearing a new Elvis single "I,ll give it a hundred foives" on some juke box jury type programme who,s name eludes me I think the presenter was keith fordyce
  16. Poor old sad forgotten Fred was pretty mercenary when he wanted
  17. I can,t stand Phil Collins his voice sounds like a bee in a bucket to me ,I have to turn the wireless down when he,s on.