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  1. only vaguely from white hart days when we were all spotty faced herberts I mainly used to run my ex wd M20 outfit ,and knocked around with Hammo a lifelong mate he spends a lot of time at MFN these days ,Nice to hear from you
  2. what about the avengers and the saint' randall and hopkirk (deceased)and the four just men
  3. hawaii 5 0 77sunset strip very british those two andcharlie chans iffy should have gone to spe.......
  4. crikey carni I,m nearly drowning in drool
  5. two smashing posts they ought to go further than our forum perhaps the Evening Post might publish them
  6. #251 smashing post really enjoyed reading it thanks Albert
  7. Can any old 41 club members remember what comment was scratched on the top of the big table, its a few years ago but Iv,e never forgotten?
  8. chitterlins ,tripe and breast of mutton
  9. boots like dinner plates when its wet ?
  10. thanks ,when I visited they only brewed old peculier and it was all for bottling and if I remember right they could only drop half of the mash at a time
  11. Its an interesting walk especially if you can remember the days of steam trains and the hump shunting ,its a bit sticky if you walk to the top of the bank though!
  12. is it still called Theakstones as S&N still own the name , And didn,t one of the family start again with the Black Sheep Brewery
  13. I,ve just been for walk around Toton Sidings and cannot believe the amount of rubbish and empty tins and bottles ,why don,t the scruffy sods put them in the bin on the way home theres even bags of houshold rubbish chucked over the fence near the air raid shelter at the back of Asda ,Scum!
  14. I bought a set of Tipco tools when I was 15 out of my mums catalogue I,ve still got them apart from a pry bar I left under a bonnet,none of them have worn out ,and I used them every day for work not bad for 50 odd years ,I think I paid 7/6d a week for them (37.5 p)
  15. scottish and newcastle put paid to them about the same time as they ruined theakstones
  16. yes the big corporates have scrapped the brewing industry,with tied pubs with huge rents and tenants only able to buy from the brewing co at inflated prices, they don,t care how many tenants they send to the wall because there is always another mug waiting to lose their savings!
  17. send them back return to sender with no stamp
  18. #348 do,se anyone remember the Cafe that must have been next door or even at the same shop that used to be run by Janice And her Mum Lil cant remember the year it must have been around 1966/7 when Andy Bones bike shop was there.My mate was Jans brother and he bought an Itom motorbike from Andy Bones I,ve still got it its done 2614 miles from new .
  19. paragoric cough medicine from co-op chemists at the corner of Westdale Lane !Main Road the stuff was morphine !