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  1. Nottingham Brewery Phil Derby I take barrels of Nottingham Legend to Devon to our social club and the Devonians love it,
  2. For some strange reason I can remember that Cathys Clown was numbered WB1and was the first record that Warner Brothers issued,(I can,t remember what I had for tea yesterday though)
  3. the new Shippos contains non of the ingredient that had the collosal laxative effect that the Greenalls version had
  4. I must pay a visit for old times sake,Is the Vale Social Club still running ? I used to go there with my grandad.
  5. thanks. will try a couple didn,t the willowbrook start out as theBrooklyn Club ,Dennis Coxon steward I think, I went in there in the 50s with my Dad n Mum
  6. where,s flipside brewed,and who keeps it? ta
  7. what for a dog end ? judge jeffries is reborn
  8. And commit the awful crime of dropping a dog end in Nottingham city centre you can be fined £600 ,drive your car with no insurance and its about £100 it seems potty to me
  9. like the Kerrigan family on tele the other night ,unbelievable short of shopping money and riding home in taxies!
  10. what do you think is the best locally brewed beer ,my favourite is Nottingham Brewerys Legend bitter,its 4% dark and it tastes great,The new Shipstones is pretty good too.
  11. Catfan was PC Dogma the attending officer
  12. I wasn,t old enough for a motorbike The best I could offer was a croggy on my rusty steed!
  13. I wrote to Princess Anne asking for a date ,the letter must have been lost in the post as I had no reply
  14. when they are open,at least blokes can sneak away pretty easily I feel soorry for lasses
  15. I never wanted a motor bike but our next door neighbour was selling his1939 500triumph T100 sidecar outfit ,he was the woodwork teacher at Bramcote Tech,It cost me five quid plus nine to insure it ,you could ride a sidecar on L plates in those days and legally carry a passenger or two,I had it for about a year ,And Ive had a bike. ever since I,ve still got about nine .the t100 was a long time ago now
  16. bet you would still get nicked and not be let on the bus after
  17. no lizzie I raced vintage triumphs 14years of fun ,I hated packing it in and can,t bear even to go to the meetings anymore so its going to be back to the drag racing