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  1. Andy Bones I still have an Itom motorbike my mate bought from there in 1965 its done 2600 miles his sister Jan kept the cafe next door but one,it used to be more like a youth club ,good times
  2. my cousin kept the Fox And Hounds for a bit Beryl and Claude Harris sadly both passed on now,
  3. merry christmas and a happy new year you lot we are off to Devon for a few days
  4. St. Leonards riding school is run by Sally Davison and before that her Dad George, Martin & Mal used to almost live there,Martin moved to some where near Redmile Vale of Belvoir a few years ago.
  5. how big was the glass the miserable spotty faced tramp was in .. ?
  6. does what it was designed for , to help fill the late outdated crazy janes folly
  7. you forgot the useless and expensive council ego trip tram,I still love Notts but avoid the city centre
  8. my uncle used to work at Hickinbottoms ,he had his leg brocken by a disgruntled porker who didn,t want to join in!
  9. we used to go all the time I still see Kath Roach who got married to Ivan Carter.
  10. does anyone remember the Bamboo coffee bar at the top of Mansfield Road ,near Forest Rd junction in the late 60s early 70s ?
  11. p.s. its dr. itor abollockoff
  12. ayup just had my pump repaired after it croaked,I cant thank the NHS staff enough they where brilliant ,you get the best care here in Notts, good luck
  13. now they are moving to get away from the stupid parking levy
  14. we used to call him old youngy his name was dave young,sadly died a year or so ago
  15. alledged to have been painted on by Pete Dunkley from Chinatown!
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    I used to knock around with John Hammo Hamilton and Ivan Carter 'Jed our other mate had a 50 cc Itom mk8 from Des Bones on Arkwright St Ive still got it ,like new and only done 2600 miles since 1965 .I used to have triumphs and velos but had most fun on an ex wd BSA sv 500 combo ,happy days
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    hi folks its my first post on here ,my mates call me swe ,ive just packed in racing vintage sidecars,i used to hang around the white hart, beeston shed ,robins etc did a bit of drag racing ,used to go to Carlton Hotel when the Nottingham drag and custom club used to meet there ,I,m still into bikes mainly Triumph,and my latest project is a chevy small block to put in a hot rod of some sort!