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  1. my Rover P4 was sold by Zipsers on Radcliffe Road in 1993 and was strpped and left in Myfords garage in Beeston for 25 years,I bought it in a million bits and rebuilt it ,Marysia Zipser is still in business in Beeston she is Mytiek Zipsers daughter,The Rover still has the Zipser sticker in the back windowand an unused tax disc holder in the glovebox
  2. Blacknells made the sidecar bodies on the wharfe at Lenton on the canalside ,I cant remember the exact location but it was around the tv studios ,the Garage and pumps was at Trent Bridge end of London Rd ,they sold petrol over the pavement served by an extremely busty young woman!
  3. the viva was an ha belonging to Alan Wigmore the secretary oy the national drag racing club it was called itsaviva , the castrol rail belonged to Clive Skilton
  4. the truck with the jet on was used to dry the strip ,can you remember Harold Bills Stripduster rail 803cc a series bmc used to run 9s he used an a series oil pump driven off the front of the crank for the fuel injection pump, it had a grease nipple on the front to add enough lube for a run, Dennis Priddle was the man in those days Tudor Rose AA fueler that morphed into Mr Six superbly engineered cars ,
  5. Two ton carmen was a mk2 zephyr , the minivan was stripteaser the engine was built by Jim Tester by heck he could make a Jag go ,we used to race the DTV chevette that we built ina lock upgarage in Toton, I have a couple of pics but I can,t get them to post on here
  6. sure do Phil the display was spoiled last year by a load of pillochs in boats who caused it to be further out to sea, I am hoping the vibration causes the summer house that is teetering on Salcombe Hill cliff to fall in the drink ,There,s a sweepstake on it,s demise in the Swan pub!
  7. kings it is ,Ihad some great times there and made lots of friends,Doug Fearn and the lads were brilliant neighbours ,pity you can,t turn the clock back
  8. red arrows at Sidmouth this friday ,can,t wait
  9. has anyone any photos of thegulf later became Mobil station on westdale lane next to Doug Fearns builders merchants I ran it for a while in the 80s , open 24 hrs then I had to sneak up to woodborough road and read the rival garages pump readingsto getMobil price support
  10. why dont macs print the car numbers on the packaging from the drive throughs
  11. isn,t it about a £600 fine for chucking a pong stick nub away in Nottingham city centre?
  12. his later passenger was Graham Alcock a good mate of mine who also was on the side of Geoff Gawley ,Graham still has both the outfits he raced in the seventies ,I think Tony Stark ended up with Dales Saab but it had abig Kwack in it
  13. perhaps its time for a new "keep Britain tidy campaign " the old one has stayed with me for life
  14. when I used to ring Andy Bones for bits, the coversation usually went along the lines of" hello have you got a so and so bit for a mk8 Itom" " just a moment please DESMOND bloody motor bikes again"this was when they had the little shop on Arkwright Street where the old man built his lovely Paragon pushbikes.
  15. I have still got a 50 cc Itom bought new from Des Bone in 1965 ,its done 2600 miles and is as new,I would put a photo on but can,t get my head round this computermabob stuff.
  16. it used to be a good run for him when we did Lyyden Hill near Dover,took him 2 days to get there
  17. my twin gps on my triumph sidecar had the main jets drilled to5/32" it does around 9 mpg, great times my passenger lives on Benbecula in the outer Hebrides hows that for commitment
  18. never Knew George Brown was one of us Ian,
  19. anyone got any bsa m series bits for sale m20/21 or ohv, this topic has set me wanting one again,I also have lots of triumph stuff to swop sell and barter
  20. is anyone on Nottstalgia interested in machine tools ,lathes millers and stuff?what have members got to play with?
  21. I managed to get the leadscrew ball nut back together on my Bridgeport,easy when you know how but a bit daunting when you don,t the secret is pack the nut with the balls into their threads with grease and make a mandrel to fit inside and over the leadscrew end and thread it on ,simples as the meercat says.
  22. I only want to post a photo of an itom ,but I dont get the computerspeak on how to get it from my photos to here!
  23. mpegs bucket flikas can somebody explain in simple english please
  24. I,ve always fancied a Harley 45 ,foot clutch hand changesounds like a bit of a challenge,there used to be a ladcalled mick who used to ride one around Beestoni in the late 60s