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  1. never Knew George Brown was one of us Ian,
  2. anyone got any bsa m series bits for sale m20/21 or ohv, this topic has set me wanting one again,I also have lots of triumph stuff to swop sell and barter
  3. is anyone on Nottstalgia interested in machine tools ,lathes millers and stuff?what have members got to play with?
  4. I managed to get the leadscrew ball nut back together on my Bridgeport,easy when you know how but a bit daunting when you don,t the secret is pack the nut with the balls into their threads with grease and make a mandrel to fit inside and over the leadscrew end and thread it on ,simples as the meercat says.
  5. I only want to post a photo of an itom ,but I dont get the computerspeak on how to get it from my photos to here!
  6. mpegs bucket flikas can somebody explain in simple english please
  7. I,ve always fancied a Harley 45 ,foot clutch hand changesounds like a bit of a challenge,there used to be a ladcalled mick who used to ride one around Beestoni in the late 60s
  8. I reckon the bike outof the dozens I have owned,for the best fun and games we did thousands of miles on it ,the dragon rally ,Isle ofMan TT ,loads of rallies it was a BSA M20 ex WD with wooden box sidecar ,cost me 3/9d in bits happy days, and millions of laughs.
  9. begorrah its a bit far for a sunday run Ian Ta!
  10. when and where is the Rover do Ian ,I should have my P4 done if we are in Notts.
  11. do the corpo still mend buses at the tram shed at trent bridge?
  12. Ive got an Elliot one if you want one its a big big to use on a myford though bit big
  13. just out of interest does any one know how to repack a leadscrew ball nut on a bridgeport ?
  14. nice machine when they are sorted, ,when Myfords took them over the company was bought by Cecil Moores son and daughter who ran it alongside Myfords till they closed it down ,Cecil Moore was the owner of Myfords and a real talented engineer he built cyclemotor engines including a twin cylinder two stroke ,several steam railway and traction engines too, I have just finished a P4 95. that I bought last year ,that had spent 25 years in bits in the Myford factory, a local Nottingham car that was supplied to Myfords by Zipsers of Radcliffe Road
  15. the bike shop used to be run by Alf Buttler he was mechanic to the English pushbike team in the international races,they also had a shop on College St ,there was also Croft motor s and Jeffs and walkers both on Tamworth Rd ,
  16. our tea room at depot corner was an air raid shelter
  17. are the blokes who lay them called Cobblers?
  18. rip Dave a sad loss of a top bloke a real gent, he will be missed by all
  19. wouldnt mind a nice air cooled gs pallas ,I ve not seen one for ages ,the engines were bullet proof my mate drag raced one and revved it to 9500 rpm without a problem ,apart from valve bounce.
  20. you cant beat old citroens with the hydro pnuematic suspension ,super comfort and good roadholding,xantias were about the last good ones the C5s etc are electronic junk, love the 2 CVs and derivatives too ,easy to mend when you get the hang of them as well,
  21. I dont know if my I remember right but I vaguely recall some plates and cups and saucers our mam collected from Brooke Bond tea .white with a green ring around the edge
  22. we used to go in the 70s with john (rick ) rickaby on his thunderbird ,me on myT110 and hammo on his A10 we used to see Dave Moult and Ralph there good times
  23. beeston & stapleford u.d.c. used direct labour for years had their own jcb ,jetter gulley wagons etc were the richest council in the midlands railings were painted roads mended schools looked after had their own parks dept that grew their own bedding plants ,they payed the staff good wages too,now with privatised utilities to coin a phrase its a sh"73hole