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  1. s jeyes at colwick still sell whitworth tools
  2. bog roll drying on the line
  3. that really is a flea skinners tip Ian
  4. is my memory going or do I remember going to Foxhill Social Club with my parents in the late fifties early sixties ?
  5. Frank was a pal of mine, him and Geoff had a garage full of tasty gear E types series one land rovers bikes and all sorts don,t know what happened to them after Geoff died.
  6. table and four chairs brolly and spare tyre
  7. apparently it tastes of molasses and weetabix
  8. ta ,should have googled it myself,
  9. excuse my ignorance ,but what the heck is instant postum?
  10. Gedling Priory Road 1953 they still had gaslamps on Priory Road,we lived on First Avenue.
  11. looks like a bsa twin with rodark panniers and avon fairing
  12. swe62

    Bus pass

    #21 Beeston is pretty safe late at night we have never had any problems.
  13. swe62

    Bus pass

    what about star regulars they kick us out at 12.30 dos,e this infringe our human rights?
  14. chulla the railway sarnies had curled up corners so you could see what was in ,em!
  15. George Spencer school dinners where brilliant I used to love ,em even the salads with orange segments on,the butterscotch tart was the best ever and i still love it.everything was cooked fresh daily at the school kitchen,and the dinner smells from about 11.30. had us drooling in the classrooms,lucky for me that my other half cooks better grub than school did,
  16. Singapore has the right approach to chewing gum,Its banned
  17. Chitterlings, tripe,colwick cheese made from sour milk,and yorkshire pud with raspberry vinegar on
  18. print the car registration numbers on the packaging to ID the litterers
  19. My aunt used to buy paregoric from the Co. op chemists at the bottom of Westdale Lane , You took it with warm water to relieve coughs and colds ,I found out years later the main ingredient was cocaine!
  20. walking must have been difficult chulla
  21. sorry to disagree about the kids we have had we have had six apprentices in six years three are out of time and qualified fitters and Mot testers the other three are doing well ,they are all good workers ,punctual and have a brilliant attitude .