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  1. walking must have been difficult chulla
  2. sorry to disagree about the kids we have had we have had six apprentices in six years three are out of time and qualified fitters and Mot testers the other three are doing well ,they are all good workers ,punctual and have a brilliant attitude .
  3. welcome Totonite from another Totonite
  4. ayup all ,does anyone on here know anything about beekeeping?
  5. tell radio 4 extra heard it this morning ,hope you,ve had a good day ,with or without the flaming albino rodents!
  6. happy birthday don,t forget the white rabbits
  7. does anyone know how to get a messenger account without a face book account ? Mrs Swe62 will not have a facebook account and I can,t send her pics etc.Ta
  8. thanks Robbie I look forward to seeing them
  9. black midget gems and liquorice and blackcurrant for me
  10. thanks Dave, its a long way to go for a frozen sweet though!
  11. can you still buy Neilsons Canadian ice cream I havent seen it for years
  12. a mate of mine has one for sale , message me and I will put you in touch
  13. thanks the list is for 2013 though, I wonder what they did with the launch it was a good piece of kit !
  14. Do Notts police still own the launch that used to be based around Trent Bridge ? and if not what happened to it?
  15. I remember when we lived on Vale Road at grandads going to Priory Road School on the bus and diembarking at Sands onthe way home and watching a young chap stepping off the bus as it stopped and taking two or three steps to stop , I thought it was dead cool and decided I would leave the bus this way ,but sadly as I made my attempt and stepped off the platform at about twenty miles an hour I realised my little eight year old legs wern,t fast enough and I knocked the waitining queue down like skittles , mam gave gave me a well deserved thrashing after but it still makes me giggle to think of it
  16. 1938 Austin big seven in my garage and several motorbikes
  17. was radio nottingham at york house ? and is it true that if Dennis McCarthy wanted no 2s he would play the house of the rising sun as it lasted ages
  18. you mean when wifey hits the gatepost?
  19. there used to be a black 4x4 in Ilkeston with 4 kof on it
  20. buffoon good riddance
  21. #2403 TBI did your airfix aeroplane kits have opaque canopies like mine ,caused by too much glue?