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  1. a raleigh three wheeler was featured in the spin off tv programme the first of the summer wine, it was owned by Niei Crookes ex brisca stockcar racer

    Brough did build motorbikes but I'm fairly sure that Morgan made a 3 wheeler with a Brough motor, I know they mainly used a JAP twin but somewhere in the memory I'm sure I've seen a Morgan 3 wheeler with the Brough twin as powerplant.

    If I'm wrong it may have been a hybrid, but seems unlikely, cannot find much on google either.

    Morgan 3 wheelers had JAP ohv and sidevalve engines plus matchless ohv and sidevalves also british anzani where used
  2. As far as I know, nothing west of the river Erewash was ever in Notts. In fact, the reason Long Eaton became a major lace making center was because the factory owners moved out of Notts to avoid the labor unions there!

    Some things never change!

    now they are moving to get away from the stupid parking levy
  3. We moved to Roosevelt Avenue, Sawley in 1954. The correct postal address at that time was New Sawley, Long Eaton, Nottingham. But it was definitely in Derbyshire. The board marking the county boundary was on Nottingham Road, Long Eaton between Station Road and Toton Corner. I seem to remember there was a wall there - possibly the bridge over the Erewash, which for many years bore the slogan "Cut the call-up".

    alledged to have been painted on by Pete Dunkley from Chinatown!