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  1. Ian Barker was one of my big mates,he died about 3 years ago,we always reckoned that our generations late 40 s to the late 60s had the best times of any other s in the history of the world ,never enslaved ,reasonably out of wars and pretty much free not like the kids of today with cameras watching every move and having to have an adult around all the while

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  2. technology pah, we have just been sent an online catalogue for ordering parts,not for me,as I said to the manager of the firm that sent it , this is just a ploy to get rid of you your staff and the branch of the company you work in ,if all your customers end up using it ,I will carry on phoning the branch for bits and help keep the staff ,drivers etc in a job the maintenance company ,the people who service the vans ,the girl who brings the cobs in a morning , the corner shop ,local petrol station ,electric co ,the council rates etc ,no mate not for me!

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  3. a mere dropin the ocean at when put beside HS2 ,millions spent on a white elephant that will disrupt lives and communitys for little or no gain for ordinary folk ,why dont they improve the existing rail infrastructure and make provision for more freight as the HS2 will not be used to carry it ,and then uprate all the local lines to give more capacity for commuters travelling locally between cities, 

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  4. this used to be a great Shippo,s house, but druggies started to use it and I may be wrong but one of the former tenants  was reputed to be involved in it all ,it was latterly a really nice restaurant, and has now turned into a tea shop,

  5. the superblend bearings were the mains I used to have them ground to fit triumph cases and you could rev them till the valves floated with no ill effects ,I have about a dozen pairs of triumph cases with the sides blown out that testifies to it working bodge or not I never broke one after we used the superblends

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