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  1. If my mum was very hungary she would say I could eat an elephant between 2 mattreses
  2. I met Ronnie Carroll in the 60s while working at Boots How about this one I met Harry & Concepta Hewitt from Coronation Street in 1960 at my cousins wedding I have met the Princess Royal on two occasions. She is the patron of the HFT Charity I worked for.
  3. nottstalgian Do you remember when the nurse came to infants school & she would paint this bright violet stuff on some kids I never did know what is was for or why I did not have any. did anyone else experience this
  4. I am sure now it is not the same person but thanks. I lived on Alfred St South, at a TV & furniture shop, went to Bath st School & Pierrepont until 1960. Who do you know from St Anns ?
  5. StAnnsC has Michael Hanburys father was a painter & decorator but I do not think he had is own business His Mum was called Connie & his sister Beryl. Can I ask what connection you have with michael. I was married to him for 10 years
  6. My Ist husband Michael Hanbury & best friend Margaret Staton nee Pegg lived next door to one another at 46 & 48 St Anns Well Road. I lived at 101 Alfred Street South, anyone familiar with these names ?
  7. the sound of the mantelpiece clock ticking & chiming
  8. I will always remember the Commodore with affection. My wedding reception was held there in 1967- memories!
  9. shaving bowls- shaving sticks- styptic pencils- Rose shoe shops- little box of Roin starch navy blue knickers-awful things- DC electricity metal dustbins- bronco toilet rolls- stilletto's with screws in the heels- coloured & perfumed tissues
  10. I wonder if anyone else can recall this.When I was at Victoria Primary about Age 7 or 8 there was a Jamaican girl called Lettice Moore who jumped out of her bedroom window & killed herself. It had such an devastating impact on myself & something I have never forgotten
  11. Love all the memories Mine is being sat on my mums knee with the steam kettle boiling to create steam for my asthma- thankfully I only had it until I was five when we moved from Bingham to Nottingham
  12. I am 58- lived in nottingham St anns until I was sixteen & then to Radford until I was 21 Then I got married in Sherwood & came to live here in Cheshire. I have 2 children & 1 grand daughter I have many fond recollections of nottingham & it is great to share these on Nostalgia
  13. yardley flair I love this fragrance but quite hard to come by these days.I have got the talcum powder which I bought off the internet. would like some of the spray perfume. did you ever use bond st? which was marketed at the same time.
  14. tiffin chocolate bar with raisins & biscuit nux bars acid drops- ugh!!!