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  1. I remember when bbc had a break in transmission the woman on the potting wheel came on the screen.
  2. The 9 in black and white set me dad hired from Radio Rentals on Alferton Road was our first tv,we sat watcing it all weekend with the picture rolling and when the engineer came out he pointed to the vertical hold nob at the back it was fine after that. Me mam always covered it with a table cloth after the news and we couldn't touch it untill me dad come home from work at night . Then it was A Redifusion set with the selct box screwed to the cupboard door and a choice of radio or tv, such was the technology.
  3. Hi Melissa. It as on the left hand side Hardings beer off was on the corner and no 27 was 13 house down we was next door but one to the entry.
  4. Hi Michael. I lived at no1 Plimsol Terrace till I was 6 then me mam and dad decided to move house while we was at school and without telling us and it was then 27 Garfield Road till I was 17 I then moved to live with an old lady in a flat on Monfort Street still in Radford.
  5. Denman Street was a great place to spend your childhood all the shop keepers where friendly, i still remember most of the shops Bob Taylors,Clays,Meadow dairy,Scrimshaws, Frank walkers funeral, directors Bill Haywood, holmes cobblers, Mrs Seston Fish and Chip shop,Duks Ironmongers, Foster grengrocers, Harry Gents Hairdresser, Lambs Electrical, Hershal sweetshop, Mrs Tansley greengrocer, Cockains fish and chip shop and Reeks cafe. My aunt Mary baked all the pies and cakes for frans pork shop and I used to go out with Fran to deliver orders to customer in The Park and Wollaton Park. What a
  6. Did anyone ever go in the Denman Inn the landlady name was febbie she was built like a tank, she bared me me bcause I tripped on an hole in the carpret and dropped a full pint of the finest bitter. She chased me out the pub swinging a mop bucket round her head, she only chucked me out not me missus she stayed till closing time.
  7. me mam used to sa eat ya crusts it will make ya hair curly,it dint do me dad any good he went bald
  8. Hi Tutanic You failed to mention The Weatsheaf on the corner of Highurst Street and Ilkeston Road the land lord had a lovely brown chou. The land lords name at the havelock was Lol Davey, there was another old pub on a street just below the weatsheaf I may be wrong but I think it was the pelican.
  9. I think John lived on Foster Street if that any help.
  10. I spent a happy four years at bughole 1954 to 1958 I knocked about with dug wilson, makkie Black, tony cowlishaw, barry brown, and george hancock. I played a lot of fooball and played in goal for boulevard when mr chamber took sport. I think the john who accidentally hung himself was john leek one eck of a nice lad. Did anyone go to Foster st club I played football for them names I remember are gary & tim skill, barry moore, len julian and john vipond.
  11. I worked for a plumbing company on Alfred street H Cooper & Son, and worked on a lot of the houses in St Anns. I worked there from 1957 to 1963, my hand cart pushing days.
  12. I'm looking for anyone who was at boulevard during those dates, I would love to hear from you
  13. They where a great excuse for being late for work, the pole always came off on that central market corner. They was comfortable and it didn't matter how cold it was they was always nice and wam.
  14. That's the corner of Denman street and Garfield Road, the shop on the corner was Hardings beer off, then looking down Denman street there was a suppermarket, Fords, Florrie Breisford paper shop and Gordon Eddows the butcher. I was brought up in that area No 1Plimsol terrace, and from the age of 6 I lived at 27 Garfield Road, happy days and a lovely photograph.