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  1. Hello Systema, yes Eddy knows him, did he run a pub? He's not seen him for a while though. The mini boys Thursday meet ups have been absorbed into the Dungeon reunion in the main.
  2. I still have a flyer produced by The Odeon announcing the booking arrangements for The Beatles concerts there. Prices for the later concerts were 17/6, 15/-, 12/6, 8/6. It was a "lucky draw" you had to send a postal application with a postal order and a sae. I went to the 1st performance at 6.30pm, then when that finished and we were let out, we ran round to the front for the second performance which was at 8.30. The first time they appeared at The Odeon my ticket cost 7/6. Still have all three ticket stubs. The concerts were incredible but the screaming meant you couldn't really hear any of t
  3. The first time I cooked pork chops I saw they looked nice and brown in the pan after a few minutes. Yes they were, but they were also raw on the inside.
  4. I'd like to share a drink with my younger self and tell me to appreciate myself more. And say stop worrying, it all turns out okay!
  5. Thank you Cliff Ton. How do you remember where all these posts are?
  6. Not seen any mention of Robert Shaw? This was just off the bottom of Aspley Lane, Bobbers Mill end. The building was last used by Speedo, but not sure of what it was used for in between the 1950's and Speedo. But last year I saw it had been razed to the ground. My mum worked there as a cutter, many of our neighbours in Aspley Estate worked there too. Not even sure what their products were, I was only a little 'un. I used to walk down from William Crane School to wait for my mum when she finished work, quite a trek thinking about it. I have a photo of mum and other staff, would post it but not
  7. Every time I go to Autokarna I see vehicles that are familiar to me, either owned by my dad or granddad in the 50's or 60's, or owned by my oh and I from 1967 onwards. We admire them and the condition they are in. They evoke memories of times we owned them, we wish we still had them, but then remember that we always needed to PX to be able to put down the deposit on our next car. I'm full of admiration for anyone who has the skill, talent,dedication, time and cash to maintain these vehicles and allow the rest of us to admire them. For me though it's not about the market value, it's more to do
  8. What makes a car a classic? More than it's age I think. I have just retired my 1999 silver Ford Puma, bought in desire having watched Steve McQueen in the advert which introduced it. Saved every tax disc and the little Puma owner books encased in silver wrapping that were sent out initially to new owners. In lovely condition for its age, very low mileage, full service history, I can't bring myself to tell you what I was offered in part exchange! So after giving it a final polish I have sorned it and will visit it from time to time until I can bear to part with it and can find someone who will
  9. I love Dolly, but she clearly had no idea what she was saying. As she said it, it translated into "hey! Up my duck" .
  10. My boyfriend (now husband) and I were watching Forest in the stand when it caught fire. It was the day we became officially engaged and we think it might have been our burning passion that ignited it.
  11. My OH went to Huntingdon Street for the last year of his school life. On his first day, he and another new starter were late for class as they couldn't find their way to the classroom. They were both caned by Mr Spungin for that. Nice welcome eh? They were caned for lateness two or three times subsequently. Then, on arriving on time one morning, they thought they would be funny and held out their hands to Mr Spungin to cane. How he laughed....not! They were caned again.
  12. Forest Fields Grammar school uniform was, I believe, only available at D and P, the badge was already affixed to the with gold piping. Winter uniform for girls was a navy pleated skirt, ( only specified pleats were allowed ), gold shirt and tie with diagonal navy and gold stripes. Overcoat was a navy Burberry and beret with FFGS badge, which you had to wear on the journey to and from school or risk detention if spotted without. Summer dresses were either a FFGS blue check or a yellow gingham. Worn usually with a navy wide purse belt. For PE we needed gold airtex tops and big navy
  13. Hi Jan, I'm replying on behalf of Eddy Barry to say they meet on the last Thursday of each month, not Friday. So next one is 29th January. Wouldn't like you to be stood there on your own, especially on your birthday!
  14. Anyone going to be at the Boat Club 60's night on Friday 21st Nov? The Sorrows and Modern Affair playing, plus DJ. In aid of QMC coronary care unit.
  15. Hi Pete. The photos were posted on another thread in 60's Nottingham...'Mystery Mods'. They seem to have been removed now though. There are several threads about the Dungeon, each one worth a read. A question seems to know who actually took those two photos. Or who the two girls are. Do you know?