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  1. # 17 carni was there a small electrical shop by the name of Hopkins on main rd gedling, just up from the dentist I went to school with a lad called Jebb who has something to do with diddyland Mapperley top. i think the man that owned the electrical shop was his uncle.
  2. I remember broomhill house, it was where I was sent from Chandos st school just prior to leaving to see what work I wanted to do, I remember that day looking out of the window and seeing Starbuck butchers and I asked him if I could work there, he said there were no vacancies but there's a job in the confectionary department at the co-op in meadow lane nottm and thats where I started my first job leaving school. I often wonder if broomhill house is still there.
  3. I would absolutely love to be there Carni but we live near Skeg and its also our anniversary on that day and we will be away. I do hope you have a great time. I seam to remember the barbers shop wasn't it below the british legion on the same side before the crossings?
  4. Karlton


    Welcome from me Walter I like the 'Evening all bit you'll get us all runnin scared. Teeee Heeee
  5. Before the days of Tom Tom and technology when sent out to do a job, many a time we'd have to ask someone the way, and we was nearly always directed to turn left or right at a pub and what names some of these pubs had. one comes to mind 'The Spanker' as I remember it was a place called heage near Ripley. Then there was 'The Squinting Cat.' can't quite remember where it was I think it was in a pit village Derbys. Not sure if there was one called 'The Flying Bedstead, plese correct me if i'm wrong.
  6. #10 Cliff Ton Looks like a double adult sidecar cliff Going back to arthur Lampkin I seem to remember a bike called 'DOT'
  7. You don't see motor bike and side car racing on telly anymore. well not on my telly, it was brilliant to watch we used to watch motorbike scrambling too Arthur Lampkin comes to mind, a pleasure to watch.
  8. come here or i'll give yer summat ter come here for
  9. I had the mariva I found it a good car but the tax is quite high and appeared to me to have blind spots on the front quarter wndows i found that you had to lean forwards to look right and left the two front bars between the windscreen and the quarter windows hampered the view.
  10. 1956 worked as passed cleaner at colwick loco. 1958 Married the best gal ever.
  11. there was definitely a Dr Torrence I remember going to the surgery
  12. David Bowie me and mrs Karlton a big fan. Is there life on mars. there is now David, rip
  13. Welcome from me Linda I'm a Carltonian.