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  1. I went to Whitemoor school and I have phots of the teachers and three class photos

    1. Bigfish


      I saw you went to Whitemoor school and you mentioned you have photos any chance of seeing them if they are from the 1950s and 1960s ?

  2. Pooh Bear...yes miss Mitchell was dreadful,she put me off sewing for life, that was awful she punched you, they did get away with so much back in the day ...
  3. Hi Dave, I remember miss Moat, and mrs Trory, it was Trory, my surname was Parker in those days, and my name was usually shortened to Tina ....
  4. Hi Dave, yes I was in the same class as Freddie Shipman,
  5. Hi,yes I remember Mr Saunders too, yes Freddie Shipman was at Burford and Whitmoor, I lived 4 houses from him, very well behaved, we both started infant school together, very strange to think he is the worlds most prolific serial killer, think his mum was very odd, I noticed it even as a child, happy memories of Whitemoor,
  6. Were you all at Whitemore, Gregory the gorilla ring any bells, mr Jones was the head ......
  7. Did any members attend the above school in the 50s early 60s