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  1. Anyone remember this story from a few years back? http://www.gofishing.co.uk/Angling-Times/Section/News--Catches/General-News/December-2008/Anglings-first-ghost-captured-on-camera/ I'm sure I saw a better resolution picture at the time which showed the detail of a skeletal face. The NEP story is still on their website but the pictures on there are even more blurred. http://www.nottinghampost.com/Angler-catches-ghost-camera/story-12238504-detail/story.html
  2. Near Burton Joyce: http://www.rightmove.co.uk/commercial-property-for-sale/property-48099406.html Would make a good redoubt for when the mother in law comes round.
  3. Unfortunately the Evening Post (or Nottingham post or whatever it calls itself these days) has suffered from terrible journalism for many years now. It almost seems like its made by school kids doing work experience. I'm amazed people still pay for it.
  4. Going back to the original question, in my opinion it's not a good idea at all. Anyone remember this? http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-29943441 More people carrying guns means the chances of mistakes happening will only increase (to err is human). Better to have a small number of specialists. Besides, the murderers in Paris had assault rifles and body armour. A bobby with a pistol would have had very little chance anyway.
  5. Rikki72


    Very brave indeed climbing that ladder. These days he would have used a cherry picker - much safer & would have finished in half the time!
  6. Thanks Dave. Was that video about sprouts then? I got a bit distracted while I was watching it!
  7. How about a brussels sprout that tastes nice?
  8. ...was abandoned in the first half following the appearance of a drone at the stadium. A Serbian FA spokesman said "We will never ask Gary Neville to commentate again!".
  9. When I first read the title of this thread I thought it was an insult! I still get the occasional whiff from Stoke Bardolph - a very 'earthy' smell (must be when they're spreading the sludge on the fields). Funny basfordred should mention Jeyes Fluid. Reminds me I've had a can in the garage for ages that I intended to clean the drive with. Should probably get it done before the weather deteriorates...
  10. Passed by again today & it has actually now become flats, but the Jackie Bells signage has been retained on the building. It seems you can't make any money running a pub these days. Wouldn't recommend the new tenants fall behind on their rent though as they'll be in for a shock if the landlord comes knocking!
  11. @Firbeck #7 I'm afraid I don't have any more - I saw the link posted in another forum & thought some of the folk on here might like them too but I have no idea where they originated from. If I come across any more I will definitely post the links. Interesting to read about the Eastern European troops. I thought the Atlantic defences were largely manned by German teenagers who were too young to fight in the east. Must have seemed like armageddon was happening when they woke up on that morning.
  12. I passed by it a couple of weeks ago & it appeared to be in process of refurbishment (as a pub). I also noticed a couple of large, sturdy looking gentlemen getting out of a flash car (Bentley I think it was) with a reg number that looked like "BAILEY" who I assume must be the developers / new owners.
  13. Click on the pics to reveal the same locations as they are today: http://interactive.guim.co.uk/embed/2014/apr/image-opacity-slider-master/index.html?ww2-dday
  14. I didn't realise their cut would be quite so much, but I suppose running a site like that must cost a fair bit. Still think it's worthwhile if it generates more for the charities than wondering about trying to get people to fill in sponsor sheets.
  15. Mick, next time Mick does a crazy challenge, tell him to set up a page on http://www.justgiving.com/ then if he can get some publicity in the post or other local paper, they should be able to publish the link to his page. It makes it easy for people to make donations online. Plus, on top of what he raises, the charity can also claim an additional 25% from the treasury in gift aid.