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  1. If I remember right Bob Patchett's shop had maxim on the signage that read, The sense of being well dressed gives one a feeling of inner tranquillity. I may have sense/feeling the wrong way around,does anyone remember this? I have always found this maxim to be true.
  2. You have the correct video Malcom. Cliff Ton I can name quite a lot of the streets located around the Alfred St.North area on that video.
  3. Hi Carni. The map if you refer to the map above the dairy stables I told you about (re your Granddad) were located near or in the buildings above Kilbourn St.near the numbers 205 The map I have shows them as a lot bigger. If I can I will get photo copies and get them to you at next weeks meet up (no promises)
  4. Hi Terry my name is Greg. Were you always called Terrance as a youngster? I remember all the things you mention with the exception of the window cleaner accident. No rush but if you speak to your Mum ask her if she can remember what company the factory opposite Garabaldi Terrace was owned by. With regard to Bangor St. being cobbled have a look at the thread Wot appn'd t'all them. I also left when the demolition began spring 1967 I think, I was twenty years old then.
  5. I am sure Cliff Ton's picture is Marple St. off Alfred St. North,looking down towards Alfred St.Used to ride our bikes down there. The clock tower top left is the Watson Fothergill baptist church on the corner of Alfred ST.and Woodborough Rd.See Cliff Ton;s map posted on Friends of Alfred St. North. I can remember this street being Tar Mac'd in the late 50,s along with Bangor St. one street up,they only Tar Mac'd the flat sections not the hills. We were roller skating on it while it was still warm. When we were small on warm days we would dig the tar from between the cobbles with sucker
  6. Well lif3campitd your Mum got me I am Mrs. Knight's son. To correct my earlier post the family that ran the grocers before yours were named Freeman. Anne was John Elliots sister. The factory you mention was just above Lincoln Terrace,they had a massive coke pile at the back of thier yard which we used to run to the the top of and slid down on our back sides. The old chap with the stubble was Mr.Sinclare who lived at number 1. You and I must have gone to school together I am 68 years of age how old are you now.
  7. Also went to Bangor St.and Elms schools then Huntingdon St. Well remember Shippos horse delivering to Craven pub they always came down Alfred St. People who had the grocers shop befor your mam and dad were the Jones family. The old lady with the hot beer was Mrs. Brown at number 4 Garabaldi Terrace. The house with the electronic devices was number 2 Mrs. Baxters. The sweet shop opposite your shop was run the Elliot family,thier son John is CATFOOT earlier in this thread.
  8. Hope this helps with memories. If you go to Video footage of Nottingham and open,Nottingham City centre mid 1960's run video and at the end click on video 'Old St. Anns, by Richard Pearson' (picture of gates of Robin Hood Chase)
  9. Joe Spungin was my English and R.I. teacher at Hunto. He was certainly a hard teacher. I remember my first lesson in his class when some of the teddy boy pupils came through our classroom (no corridors at Hunto) and started giving him aggro. He and Mr. Chambers (maths teacher,glasses and a crooked eye) from the next classroom sorted them out and I mean physically .Absolutely jaw dropping for 33 new comers
  10. Mams comment on using "She" instead of some ones name. She is the cats mother.
  11. My Mam would say. "Well you know what thought did" My reply no! Her reply."Followed a muck cart and thought it was a wedding"
  12. poohbear, That is what you call a castle.it is near Pfarrwefen Austria.Great birds of prey display there.
  13. Carni, Glad that helps. The lady I called Auntie Gertie was not my actual aunt. Her name was Gertie Reddyhough she owned the cafe,she owned several properties in the area and ran the Christmas diddlum around the Alfred St. area.(and elsewhere I believe). Her husband was Ernie and she had a son named keith,he was apilot in the R.A.F. She made her start up money by selling cups of tea at the cafe to the army troops stationed on the Forest.My mother told me there so many of them she brewed it in buckets and sold it for one penny a cup She and Ernie (he worked on the railway) would be seen
  14. Hi Carni,Do not know if this helps,At the top of Alfred St.next up from the cafe on the corner of Kilbourn St. and opposite the end of the Raywarp factory (Old Knowes Factory) there were the stables for the,Midland Model Dairy. Maybe he was employed there as a blacksmith to shoe the ponies. Can not remember when it closed but I used to be taken by "Auntie Gurtie" who owned the cafe to see the ponies.There were quite a lot of them,I remember two rows of stalls with about fifteen or so down each side. I would have been about 5 or 6 at the time so around 1951/52.
  15. Hi Carni, I can remember tattooist being on the corner of either Welbeck St. or Vicarage St. but sorry the name of the shop eludes me. I lived on Garibaldi Terrace from birth 1946 until we moved for the demolition of the area.We were the first families to move.The area of Garibaldi and Lincoln Terraces was where the construction compounds were sited.