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  1. G,day! Nice to know you haven't forgotten me guys! how are you all doing? The original CAZ
  2. G'day Guys So sorry to hear of Ann's passing. She was a lovely lady & a great contributor to this site. She will be sorely missed . My deepest sympathies to her family. I'm sure she will be watching down from above so beave yersens . xxxxx Caz
  3. Caz

    Gday from Caz

    I can do better than that lad hang 5 only problem is I cant find the button to add pics wheres it gone me duck???
  4. Hi everybody Back from my hols,had a great time whats been happening in your lives?
  5. Hey Den How are you? havent seen you on here for ages....what you been up to??
  6. Very amusing Frank ha bloody ha !bravo!
  7. Caz

    Chick Zamick

    Am I correct in thinking someone who is a member on Notts site is/was related to the above??or have I gone completely ga ga
  8. Have a good day you old buggers,don't drink too much will you
  9. Hmm Hmm!! excuse me I may not be round much but I havent totally left the building ya know? !tony! Nothing wrong with Ozzies it's just we don't like the English,that's not rascist is it? !rotfl!
  10. This is fast becoming a DIY spot .....if you aren't careful I will add mine too & to think you lot didn't want to add a cooking section MY how things have changed