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  1. well,i am using my old laptop today after struggling to get on nostalgia for a few days on my rotten ipad,i hate it..its acting as if i am not signed in to anything.
  2. DJ360 Re your post about boots opticians I thought I'd try boots for my new specs..never again. Talk about hard sell! My glasses were never right from the start...the left lens made everything distorted,very uncomfortable to wear,and they were not cheap. I did go back a few times,but when I left them to be sorted they were just the same I don't think they had even done anything to them. Dont know about you ,but I was sitting around for 3 hours at my first appointment,as we're other people,we all sat there wondering why it was taking so long ,the lady next to me
  3. When my Dad worked at Raleigh,he reckons that he was standing on a duckboard on the river Leen whatever that meant.
  4. IAN 123. The answer to question 2 ....Dusty Springfield Question 4 .. Was it Ray Charles?
  5. Several singers have recorded 'Love Letters' Alison Moyet,Nat King Cole,Elvis ......not sure who did the original version ,was it Ketty Lester?
  6. dont think this has worked,ive forgotten how to add a video anyway it was spposed to be hey paula,...more sickly than sick
  7. Only met Chulla once ,my daughter ( moody cow) and I went to his home to collect a picture which he kindly gave to me....such a lovely man.
  8. When I was a kid we never had matching dinner plates,we always got dinner served up on 'our ' plate,we would complain if we got the wrong plate( I can still remember mine,it had purplish flowers round the edge) The cups didn't match either.Did people not bother then unless they were posh?
  9. Bit tired today cos I went to see Paul Weller at the arena last night, blummin good,had to put cotton wool in me tabs it was LOUD.
  10. I have also given up burning logs,too expensive and burn through too fast,now have some smokeless coal.,have also found a woodyard selling off cuts cheap.
  11. i remember Pete Mee and Graham Pearce,me and some girls used to watch them rehearse in a classroom,we had to sit at the back and keep quite,they were very good.They used to sometimes play in a room above a co op at gedling.Mureen and lynn were two of the girls who followed the group around,cant remember any other names,i was only 14 or 15 at the time. Graham Pearce lived somewhere off carlton hill,dont know where Pete lived.
  12. My granny used to put bicarb in the greens,she said it made them cook quicker and keep their colour.
  13. I have to cut those scratchy labels out,they drive me mad with itching,why can't they use cotton or something less itchy.
  14. Wherever I lay my hat( that's my home) Marvin Gaye ,is a brilliant song but I also love Paul Youngs version ,but then I like all of his songs.
  15. The first time my mam saw Mick Jagger on the telly she said 'He looks a sucky bogger'....oh dear.
  16. Thanks for the info sounds like a good idea to get one.
  17. Does anyone use a rail travel card? I ain't been on a train for years,but I was wondering,is it much cheaper with a card and are there only certain times you can use it,like a bus pass?
  18. Yes it's really bad,it's said it started in a toilet.My daughter was late getting to work as they have closed some roads off. Also an incident Waverley street,roads closed off...don't know what's happened Trams not running.
  19. Teenage school kids often use two seats to themselves,then fiddle with their phone and pretend they havnt seen you having to stand all the way to town.
  20. Compo I agree that the only way is to return to paper and cardboard why can't we? Primark use paper bags,but other shops continue to ask if you want a 5 or 10 p carrier bag a plastic one.Sometimes you see something in a shop that you would like to buy,but have forgotten to take a bag,so you either pay for a plastic one ,or carry the item unwrapped which makes you look like a shoplifter.
  21. Myself and two sisters were born at children were born in the city hospital,the hospital has changed a lot since then.I was kept in for ten days each time,now they send mothers home as early as next day.
  22. I pick up litter from my drive which is dumped there by school kids. Its not just kids though ,cars whizzing down our road chuck McDonald's and KFC rubbish,both are at least two miles away . Why can't they take their rubbish home.
  23. Hit it? I feel like hitting it with a hammer.
  24. I would just like to say,I still have problems replying to posts. When I first joined nottstalgia I could reply to anything,now it's just a very few. If I click on reply nothing happens, .maybe it's because I use an iPad? Dont want people to think I only come on here to play song association or keep one drop one.