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  1. Many years ago there was a Herbalist on Handel street ,just off Carlton road.My grandma used to go there for all sorts of remedies,I also used to sometimes call in on my way home from work.It was called Henchers I think. The man in this shop would often mix his own remedies for you.I used to buy his shampoo,I have never had any as good.The so called herbalist shops now are nowhere as good as this was.Does anyone remember the shop.?
  2. I didn't know that mallards were good to eat.
  3. I used to suffer with hay fever really bad,wheezing,coughing,snotty,puffy eyes,the lot. Tried a few different tablets ,most made no difference or left me feeling very sleepy. Then I discovered a remedy called Combination H...very tiny little tablets..and like magic they worked...I now only get very mild hay fever or some years not at all.
  4. Dudoo(sweets) Din dins Bye byes (sleep)
  5. Antony Newley made this into a song I think.
  6. Until I saw on tv someone playing the part of Ray Charles( can't remember what it was called) I didn't realise that Ray Charles was an addict,it was horrible to watch.
  7. He was a teenage girls dream.Such a shame,he was battling booze and his liver was wrecked.
  8. Can you remember the one when you were all skipping with one long rope ,you all had to try to keep going and not stop the rope which was turned by someone at each end.? There was a rhyme, ALL IN TOGETHER GIRLS,NEVER MIND THE WEATHER GIRLS,WHEN I CALL YOUR BIRTHDAY YOU MUST RUN OUT..,then they would call out all the months of the year and you had to run out without stopping the rope.
  9. I used to like doing something called double o ,you had to try to jump as high as you could while turning the rope twice,as fast as lightening.Cant believe I was so good at it.
  10. I used to love playing skipping,where the rope was across the street,a kid would be at each end turning the rope as others'ran in'usually to some sort of rhyme.One I remember which wouldn't be very pc now went like this. I KNOW A N..GER BOY,HE WAS DOUBLE JOINTED,GAVE ME A KISS AND I WAS DISSAPOINTED ,HE GAVE ME ANOTHER TO MATCH THE OTHER,HOW MANY KISSES DID HE GIVE YOU....THEN THE ROPE WOULD BE SPEEDED UP AS THEY COUNTED HOW MANY YOU COULD DO BEFORE TRIPPING ON THE ROPE. All good fun and never meant to be racist.
  11. My granny used to say all over the oppit,I think it just meant that something was all over the place. Another saying was gerrout of the ossroad,meaning move out of the way,I suppose that stems from the days of horses or a horse and cart,and you had to get off the road for safety.
  12. Never heard of either of the above two posts,makes sense though.
  13. Still having a problem that I've had for some time. I can post replies to keep one drop one and a few other posts,but I can't post replies on most things,one being how's your day. Could the problem be I never sign out I use an iiPad ? No idea what goes wrong ,I just tap on the reply box,nothing happens. I know it sounds daft but I think it started when I had a C instead of my former 'crankypig' I had to ask the question here as can't seem to anywhere else.
  14. Me and my mate( wish I hadn't lost touch with her) bought a 'Beatles wig' What a pair we must have looked .The wigs were made of a sort of mohair and made your head sweat like hell.
  15. I remember the jumping jacks as a kid I was terrified of them,I thought they were following me if I tried to run away from them...and sparklers ,I somehow got one stuck to my head near my eyebrow,I still have the scar.
  16. Why do some people have medicine cabinets in the bathroom?
  17. I think sterilised milk makes the best rice pudding,not like that awful tinned stuff.
  18. Sorry you're not too well,plenty of rest and pampering needed.
  19. The bus stop where I get the bus into town backs onto a farmers field,crops are growing there,I think it's sweet corn.At the side of the bus shelter a hole has been made ,you would be amazed at the number of people who take their dogs through the hole in the hedge so they can go and do their muck,cos they can't be bothered to take them a walk and pick up after them...I've never seen any of them carrying a bag for the poo.
  20. I still have a that record ,Friday on my mind.
  21. I had a job in the late 60s doing the very same job ,it was very hard work,and piecwork, it was at a factory in Carlton called Thomas Glover.,now long gone.My Mam sent me to work there cos it was near home,i hated it soon left and got a job in town.
  22. My late husband worked at spray and burgass in the 70 s....the company had a few name changes,colwick dyers,basford dyers,Can't remember any other names but I think there was at least one more.The factory has long gone,but I think they left an old house standing as it was listed.I have a few photos of the inside of the dye house that my husband took when he knew the place was going to shut down. It must be a very old place as I remember my granny saying she once worked there,at a guess I'd say that must have been the 1930s-40s .
  23. The go compare ads get on my wick.,also ads that use a song which is not the original....such as a slowed down version of ' this strange effect',which was written by Ray Davies of the Kinks for Dave Berry.
  24. Well I think I have almost recovered from the flu,still quite groggy though,it started while I was on holiday ( had to cut holiday short) at beginning of October,it sure knocked me off my feet for a while.