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  1. Catfan Yes,I always try to buy british
  2. I would like to go back to when most people read books,had no mobile phones,no houses full of gadgets....yes some things are for the better but not if used for the wrong purpose.
  3. Yes I was a hippy( but not a scruffy one) had really long hair, caftans,long skirts,cow bells,loved it and loved the music.,I was 17 at the time. Then when I was a little older I became a mod,skirts up to bum,and all the other stuff,still kept the long hair,I loved the shoes from that time.My Dad would say if you are going out in that skirt remember not to bend forward you will show your drawers.
  4. If someone( like a nasty old woman neighbour) came out and shouted at us kids while we were playing( not being a nuisance) my Dad would come out and tell to ' get back in ',and if he was really mad he would say'Blast your bleddy eyes'no idea what he meant by that.
  5. I can remember ,I was at my Aunties house at the time,everything started,ornaments,and my Auntie,she was screaming and I thought the house was falling down,I didn't want to go to her house for a while ,I thought it was her fault...well I was only 8 at the time.
  6. My iPad does the same thing.
  7. The only time I like a cooked breakfast is when on holiday( in Ireland) they really know how to do a good breakfast,also decent evening meals followed by Guinness of course.I can't be bothered/ havnt got time to do a cooked breakfast at home.
  8. I think you are right,there were four houses so would need some kind of drain.
  9. I can remember going to Paul Smiths shop on Byard lane about 1971/72 ,I went with my friend who wanted something for her boyfriends birthday....a bloke with long frizzy hair served us,my friend bought a tie,it was all she could afford,found out later that it was Paul himself who served us.
  10. As I mentioned in an earlier post,as a kid our family lived in a big old house near the Nags head pub( now gone and some flats built there) At the back of the four old houses was a path which ran past all the houses,then there was a sloped Tarmac area which we all called 'the bank' at the bottom left hand side was a large iron pole with about half of it rotted or broken off,we called it the 'stink pole'....and it did stink,never known what it was for,anyone know ?
  11. I can't have Garlick,I am allergic ,it makes me violently sick. Have to be careful when eating out. In the restaurant in John Lewis I was out for lunch with my son who knows of my allergy,he asked which meals were garlick free.they looked at him like he was daft,anyway I had the meal they suggested,it was full of garlick. Another time I went to Soulville in town,I asked for a salad with no dressing,along came my salad covered in blummin garlic mayonnaise ...Grrrr.
  12. Thankyou everyone for your help,it seems like I was about to get ripped off. Now can anyone give me a name/ phone number of the window cleaner who they have? I didn't realise they were not allowed to use ladders anymore.
  13. Anyone have a window cleaner anymore? I contacted one online who said it would be £25 ,and wanted me to have them cleaned every 4-6 weeks .Not sure what the going rate is now.
  14. Never got to see Purecraft,I must be going round with my eyes shut.
  15. Sometimes wonder why we have a telly as we often watch DVDs ,it's a pity I pay a tv licence
  16. And the same here,a few times,but seems ok now.
  17. Anyone know why I sometimes get a little blue square with a question mark in it on my iPad?