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  1. Ever lost something that you thought was lost forever but it turned up later? Many years ago my late husband was really upset when he lost his wedding ring. He got a replacement but it just wasn't the same. Years later he decided to rotovate the upper level of our garden that had been neglected for a few years.The rotovator suddenly came to a stop,he thought it was broken..looking underneath he saw something caught in the blades...his wedding ring,undamaged.Strange because it was the first time he had tackled that bit of the garden.
  2. A few years ago,when my late husband and I were walking around cleethorpes we saw a very old house for sale,I was itching to have a look round it .As I stood staring at it the owner came out and invited us in.It was a massive place,the lady showed us all the rooms,it even had what used to be servants quarters ,the lady opened one door and said this is the parlour,I stood there transfixed,what I saw were people dressed in old fashioned black clothes ,sitting round tables,there were large plants around the room...I looked at my husband then at the owner,I thought ' they can't see what I see' it
  3. When I was a kid I used to like those machines where you put a penny in and see how many sweets you could 'win' sometimes you got a tiny plastic toy. I once won a tiny plastic replica camera ,which I for some reason put in my mouth and promptly swallowed it,I reckon it must still be inside me,no wonder I have a lot of belly ache.
  4. I hate the one for M and Ms....where a woman is in bed with ...a sweet
  5. I know I seem thick. But what is a phone adapter and where can I get one,looked online and so many different ones. I bought a new retro style phone ,and have now found I need an adapter so I can plug in the posh coloured wire that goes with it,it came with a black wire which doesn't look as nice.I should have said that the posh wire has the same small fitting on both ends,one goes in the back of phone,the other is too small to plug into the virgin phone thingy.
  6. A scouring powder like vim or Ajax sprinkled where the nest is or where they are getting into the house can work.
  7. I had one of these messages a while ago,I just deleted it,nothing bad happened.
  8. Love robs records,bought loads of rarities from him over the years.
  9. A flat pack unit that was supposed to take 15 minutes to put together,took me and my daughter over 3 hours! Not bad now it's done.
  10. Oh yuk! What a mixture beef ,cheese ,onions,and JAM,it looks like a load of leftovers scraped from other peoples plates. P.s.i once worked at a care home where the owner told us to scrape sauce,jam,and such off people's plates and put them back in the jars ...disgusting I didn't stay there long.
  11. Anyone know of a decent jewellery repairer in Nottingham?
  12. I think Terence Trent D'Arby has a wonderful voice.Seen him live a couple of times. He seems to only work as a backing singer now I think.
  13. That is a wonderful photo,I bet they had to sit still for ages.
  14. When you have a shower,put your mucky clothes in with you and trample them to clean them,two jobs done at once.
  15. Lovely pic Compo I wonder if any gas lamps are still in use,or being used but converted to electricity?
  16. When we hadnt been married long we were out in our garden one day as were most of the neighbours as it was a sunny day. The local barber (who everyone knew) walked up to our gate and said to my husband 'you left these behind sir'. A packet of condoms.
  17. Things you don't see anymore. Barbers shops selling condoms. Was this the only place men could buy them? I can't recall seeing them on sale at Boots or other chemists,or we're they hidden under the counter?
  18. I don't know why things such as carrots,potatoes, parsnips and such are put into polythene bags still wet,don't they know it makes them go off.Also why do supermarkets put potatoes in too much light and they go green,they used to be kept cool and in a dark place when we had corner shops.
  19. loppylugs # 4170 Yes I remember the neighbours saying the woman's machine used to interfere with the telly,made all squiggly lines go across it.
  20. In the late 60s/ early 70s I remember a little shop called 'things to love' They sold hippy type clothes and collectables such as old toys I used to find it fascinating I thought it was up a little street at the side of the theatre royal,but either the street has dissapeared or the shop was somewhere else. Can anyone remember it?
  21. When I was a kid ,there was a woman on our street who seemed to be always sitting in her front window using her sewing machine..she used to make all sorts for the neighbours,curtains,clothes,you don't see that now,well not where I live.
  22. Had a problem with the Internet yesterday ,phoned virgin,it was press 1 for this 2 for that and so on.Then was told they had checked and there wasn't a fault? So phoned again and was put through to someone , I couldn't understand a word they were saying ,so I handed the phone to my daughter as I thought it must be my hearing ....but she struggled to understand them,there was also a lot of background noise like a crowd cheering.
  23. Is the building in the Carlton precinct going to be pulled down? There is fencing round it.I think it was built late 60 s?