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  1. I am very tolerant and supportive of his decision and he needed, as others say, to tell the world himself before others told the world for him and for money. No one says that whether his decision is normal or not is important- who wants to be normal anyway??? What I am a lot less tolerant of is his standing for UKIP and making homophobic remarks which as far as I know he hasn't apologised for,
  2. Unfortunately the Bath Street Flats were used for people after spending time in Mapperley and they had very little support after things like intensive ECT treatment - so it wasnt the best place for them. Sometimes it meant people were there who were in a very bad place both mentally and physically hopefully that's not the case anymore - I like to think we have moved on....
  3. I used to spend (or mispend) a lot of my youth in Bingham and would love to know if any of the characters I used to go round with are still there - one in particular name of Roy Marshall used to work in a mushroom farm..... He'd be about 60 now-dont suppose the name rings any bells with anyone does it?
  4. My mum worked in Naffi until about 1996 - Carole Bowles.
  5. Never forget seeing Dave Allen there -he was brilliant
  6. we had the Queen Adelaide in Sneinton and some of my best childhood memories was being allowed to stroke the horses and feed them an apple. They were so wonderfully behaved and huge!!!
  7. I went to Mundella a bit before my time these copies though!
  8. Really enjoyed all this - as one person said earlier used to go to the Musters after the Boat club probably at the same time.But we had to stop going as they started to check ages..... Loved going to the Colwick Hall - I even remember the roadblocks - we used to cycle there and dismount as we go close to the road blocks....but we were well under age when we went there so stopped going as it got a bit heavier with the police. My friends brother was a biker and he introduced us to it - often used to go and hang out with the bikers who were always really nice to us. Memories memories. Great top
  9. My grandad was the Landlord there and yes it did have - the vaults bar was so rough that the only women who went there were ladies of the night and my mum as chief barmaid wasnt allowed to work behind the bar in the vaults.
  10. Thanks to all for the interest shown and the information - very interesting indeed. When we lived in the pub we knew nothing about the asylum until the grounds were dug up and the remains of part of it were found including the area where people were kept in manacles. It was quite upsetting - I was quite young at the time and it was the first time I realised what sort of things happened - funny enough I worked for a while in mental health - never forgot what what found in the grounds..
  11. Think I wore the same groove but usually included the Trip as well....
  12. So many pubs I miss - spent far too much time in them during the 70s and 80s. The Imperial (Cisco night) anyone remember Les the Landlord - quite a character! I went there to celebrate my 18th and he barred me for a week as I had been going there for two years.... Flying Horse - first pub I ever went in, Sal, Trip, Yates, Frodos Lord Nelson, to name but a few... but one place I really had a soft spot for was Colwick Hall used to cycle there during the week as they were so pleased to have customers they didnt check ages.
  13. I used to go to see Cisco at about every gig they ever did. Knew all of them well but Steve was hard to get to know. I would love to know if any of them are around still especially Ray Northfield and Dave Sharp - anyone know of anything that happened to any of the band? I knew Terry Bennet quite well and glad to hear he is still going - I have their 'Expecting Company ' album which he signed and also Nottingham Castle Rock with a Cisco track if anyone can remember that....
  14. I remember the Santa Fe - I was a Mundella girl and my mum wouldnt let me go so I used to 'fib'about where I was going.... remember listening to Double Barrel and the Upsetters - really amazing music in those days. It was always dark and when the lights came on you realised how tacky the floor was... I remember the vicar going round making sure we were all ok as well, I'm now 57 so perhaps some of you went when I did???
  15. I went out with Dave the bar manager there for several years and lived in the Park At Bob Warrow's house. Well, this brought back some memories. Remember one night being chatted up by Tony Woodcock in there ( sometimes you did get classy people!). But that was so many years ago..... No one has mentioned the sewing machines that passed for tables. Well, Dave has passed away (RIP) and I now know what happened to Bob - oh well, many memories but many lost in a haze of scrumpy.... Still nice to see people remember the 'wine bar'.