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  1. I lived in Ford st St Marys in the 50s with the Morris family.
  2. I was born in Dennet St. Moved to Wilford after the war 1945. Became very ill with TB. Spent many yrs in City hospital. Left there in 1952 .Went to a special school in Sussex. Summer holidays were spent with my Gran ( Florrie Morris ) in Ford St Mary. Left there in 1956. Never went back to live there. In the holidays I spent most of my time walking around Nottm, I still remember the names of lots of streets. Even though I am 74 yrs old, I'm still a Nottingham lad at heart !!
  3. My sister Sheila lived in Alexander St. Sadly passed away 2 yrs ago
  4. In my teens I was often mistaken for "Cliff " :-(. He couldn't even sing like me !!.
  5. Hi, I knew a girl called Janice. Cant remember her surname though. Think she lived on Turner St.
  6. I think you are right about the off-licence being Jack Carlisle's (I got the spelling wrong ) ! Also remember the Cavendish picture house on St Annswell Rd.
  7. I remember the off-licence on the corner of Ford St & Turner St. Used to get our dandelion and burdock there. also there was a fish and chip shop in Plantagenet St where had chips & mushy peas in our own basin everyday ! Oh what happy times !!
  8. Hj Pianoman. I lived at No 17. Left there 1956. I too never went back. I do remember Jack Carlyle shop though.
  9. Hi, My name is Stan. I lived in Ford St St Mary in the early 50s. Would like to hear if anyone lived there at that time ?. I went to Blue bell Hill school in 46, had to leave because of ill health,
  10. am looking for members of the Rothwell or Morris family ,Ford Street St.Marys and that area during the 1950's