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  1. Thank you Stuart your a star !! Brings back so many memories can’t thank you enough
  2. Yes that’s it ! Thank you so much guys your all brilliant shame the pub has gone
  3. Hello lovely people Does anyone have a photograph of the Exchange pub city centre in the 1960s I used to work there when I was 18yrs Think it was a Shipstones pub thank you in anticipation
  4. Cliff Ton Very much appreciated, thank you so much ! Norman
  5. Hi Everyone I have found a photo of Wilford Terrace( off waterway street) Meadows from picture the past site where I lived with my gran and uncle in the 1960s. Does anyone have any other photos of Wilford terrace or know where I might find one ? It would be much appreciated if someone can help Norman
  6. I love the lot of ya !!! always there with the answers, your all brilliant !!! thank you all so much Norman x
  7. Hi Everyone, Does anyone have a photo of Colmans dance maypole yard in the 1960s ? Would be very much appreciated Norman
  8. Thanks guys you are great, much appreciated Cliff ton, Bubblewrap Smiffy and Albert Smith you are a mine of knowledge and nformation you must be all as old as me !! Norman
  9. Hi everyone, Can someone help again. I have been trying to locate waterway terrace which I understand was off waterway street west. I have looked at the 1960s map of the meadows but cant find it. I lived in waterway terrace in 1964/5 age 17yrs with my gran elizabeth guy (nee Thurston)and her son Arthur alan thurston. 50yrs on my memory is hazy, I remember walking back from T. Simmons who made roller shutters and blinds to the meadows along wilford road, passing Bunnys cycles, over the railway bridge passing a pub ? then I think waterway street was on my left there was another pub ? on the co
  10. Thank you all for replies re Colmans What a great bunch you are !!!wish i could remember the name of that pub around the corner? Keith
  11. What a brilliant forum, thank you all so much for replies re- T Simmons You are all stars!!! Seeing the Photo of where I worked 50yrs was brilliant, took me straight back to that time. Yes I lived with my gran Elizabeth Thurston and uncle Alan Thurston, we lived in Waterway Terrace my uncle worked shifts in the lace factory. I loved living in the Meadows !! sad its gone,now live in Cornwall Best Wishes to you all and thank you keith
  12. Hi, Does anyone remember the above company ? I worked there when I was 16yrs as an apprentice in 1964, the company made roller shutters and blinds. I used to walk from the Meadows from Waterway st onto Wilford rd which led to the bottom of Castle boulevard/ Canal street right on the corner. At the junction on the right there were a pair of high wooden gates, inside was an old cobbled courtyard. To the right was Simmons to the left were shopfitters. The buildings were victorian and from the back of the building you could see the canal. Leaving the building through the double wooden gates, if yo
  13. Hi, Does anyone remember Colmans Dance studio ? in centre of Nottm. You turned 1st left after the Black Boy Hotel left I used to go there twice weekly when I was 17 1963/4 cant remember the address but it was down a little entry. They only served soft drinks and snacks so if you wanted a drink you had to go to a pub ?around the corner. The dance floor was on the 2nd floor coffee/ snacks on the ground floor, there was a stage but it was mainly disco all the lads would circle the floor picking up courage to ask a lass to dance