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  1. I find this business of the European countries stopping the AZ being administered a bit suspicious? There must be a motive, unless the WHO and most experts are wrong. Money and Politics - even envy?
  2. A good question ube. Made me think. Maybe we humans only see less that 1% of land mass but dead birds take up 100%. Also they get eaten. Even my hens eat them!
  3. £980 here in the UK and a 19 week waiting list! The thing about Concept 2 equipment is that it holds it's value and is a good investment. I bought a C2 rowing machine about 20 years agoand 11 years later sold it for more than I paid for it. The rowing machine I have now (model E) I bought in France 6 years ago and could still sell it for a profit. The health and value retaining merit make it a good investment. If I bought a bike for £980 it would be worth less than half of that a year later. First ride on the BikeErg this evening and super smooth. Thighs burnt a bit but should not take lo
  4. The Concept 2 BikeErg arrived today after a 20 week wait. I could have left it in the box and sold it for about £300 profit! They are in such short supply. Anyway I assembled it this afternoon and was pleased to see how well engineered it is. It's a lot more usable than the Tacx trainer I've been using for 20 years. I'll give it a good test for an hour or so short, while watching telly. I'm hoping to get fit enough to get out on the road bike when it's warmer. Must check out the lycra. Fancy airing the LEJOG strip that I designed for our record team ride in 1998.
  5. An eventful day already here - with all our wild and domestic creatures. Went to check out the hens food and Donny the duck was on the pond by himself. Not seen Dilly his mate for 3 days during the high winds although he has popped in a few times. He seemed uncomfortable by himself, looking around all the time. I had assumed that Dilly was off laying eggs somewhere. Anyway - I took him some corn from the coup and he just stood looking at it, then flew away. Ungrateful bogger I thought. But then, two minutes later he flew in again closely followed by Dilly. He led here to the corn and stood wat
  6. Mrs PP was desperate to have her hair cut. She did not like it touching her shoulders and neck. She was so desperate that she asked me to cut it. Since it was cut, several people that she sees when walking the dog have commented how nice it looks and how did she manage to get an appointment? What really happened is that I started to cut from one side just above her ear. As I worked around the cut got lower and the other side ended up just below the ear. What a stylist! Even she likes it. I am thinking of setting up a chair in the workshop - just enough space between the lathe and the
  7. I cycled every day for a week with a Dutch cycling club and the only hill that we encountered was a canal bridge A decent range of gears was needed though, due to the strong winds and whether you were on the front or back of the bunch.
  8. Oower!! A belated Happy Birthday to Margie
  9. Good start to the day with a bit of rowing, shower and breakfast and ready for anything by 7.45 At 9.20 precisely Donny and Dilly will fly in for breakfast and inspect Duckingham Palace for the 7th time. They have ben coming in for a fortnight now but don't stay overnight in spite of their magnificent new duck house, custom built using recycled 40 y/o fencing.
  10. Was your late brother an oarsman? Yes - the Vikings set up a semi permanent fort in Repton. I am planning to row in their wake from the tidal Trent to Repton and further if possibe, during the course of a week later in Summer. Re naming my boat Maid Marian to honour my passage through Nottingham.
  11. Second Pfizer jab on Sat
  12. Donny and Dilly here all day watching me finish their new home. Positioned it just as it was getting dark then they flew off again. Put some hay inside and hope they arrive back tomorrow and like it. They have messed the pond up and grubbed out the new water lily shoot but it is worth it. Dog and cats now completely ignore the ducks. If they don't return I may buy some ducks when possible for the eggs.
  13. Yesterday the ducks were hanging around and inspecting the temporary duck house, so I set about building a decent one. Worked on it for 6 hours. Just about to fit a roof when they flew off Donny (of Donny and Dilly) arrived back this morning for breakfast. He was obviously missing Dilly so flew off. I'll finish the duck house and hope that they return but I suspect that Dilly is nesting somewhere else.
  14. Yes Beekay, it is propelled by rowing. The bike cranks are parallel and driven by a reciprocating motion. It's in bits at the mo but I'll rebuild it soon and upgrade the bearings and con rods. I'll also fit a brake. The brake will be operated by a beer engine pump handle and pivot. Got all the pieces but not had the time yet.
  15. The pair of Mallards are now regarded as pets. I have knocked up a temporary shelter for them on the side of the pond. They have been inside it a few times and if they are still using it tomorrow I'll make something a bit more suitable. Patch is getting used to them and the cats obviously think they are too big for them. The ducks (Donny and Dilly) seem to have the measure of them They love the hen's mixed corn and layers pellets. If they stay and lay eggs I'm just hoping that the ducklings survive. If they stay on the water they should be OK.
  16. We nearly had a pair of Mallards set up home on the pond. Lovely birds and because the pond is only 5 feet from the conservatory, we could watch them peacefully. Got them almost eating out of my hand. The cats and dog showed interest but not aggressively so, until Patch the JR took it into his head to chase them off yesterday afternoon. They came back this morning and all was OK all day until Patch chased them off again. Doubt if we will see them again. Bleddy dog, cats, hens - all acting like animals...... The beaten up hen seems to be recovering without being isolated. So she will be left in
  17. One of the hens is being pecked and the damage looks serious. She will be put into her new isolation ward today and hopefully recover. Unfortunately I am having to give up a third of my man coup where her 'kitchen unit' house and run are being built. Funny things hens! The pecked one used to be the boss. Now they all turn on her and the worst offender was originally the most nervous.
  18. My middle name is Walter. Both granddads were Walters. Lots of famous people were Walter and I wonder why it fell out of favour?