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  1. If my grandsons experience as an ambulance driver is anything to go by, the ambulance service are not at all happy with Peugeot.
  2. I saw my GP yesterday. Got an appointment the day after Mrs PP phoned the surgery. His health has deteriorated since I last saw him so I gave him some advice! - I kid you not.
  3. I used Hooley's to service my first Ford company car. The first being a Cortina Mk2 1300cc. A new model at the time, when the 'cross flow' engine was much touted. I covered the northern half of the UK as a technical rep in those days and drove the car flat out everywhere. Wore the engine out in 13 months ( about 30K miles and only a 12 months warranty) and limped into a garage in Blackpool where they found a used cylinder head and fitted it in a couple of hours. Took the mechanic out for a pint or two after 'to test the engine' My boss upgraded me to 1600cc Cortina's after that and traded th
  4. I wonder if the Roper's that you refer to are related to Bruce Roper, who owned the off license on Peveril St., in the late 40's early 50's?
  5. The magic has just returned!!!
  6. I cleaned and Hammerited a dozen bits of ironmongery but alas no artistic spark has happened yet
  7. I'm lucky enough to live in an ancient, magic, house. It may be haunted but even the ghost is a benevolent lady. However, the magic has vanished over the past week! The bed has stopped making itself. The pots don't load themselves into the dishwasher. My morning porridge does not make itself. The cats are starving. The fridge isn't refilling itself! All sorts of things seem to be going wrong and not righting themselves Luckily the magic is scheduled to return tomorrow, when Mrs PP gets back from Tenerife
  8. Interesting snippet on Breakfast TV this morning about the deaf contestant in Strictly come dancing. So, if he were a Nottingham person how would he use sign language to ask for a dance? How would he sign "Dance Duck"? Mind you he looks of Italian stock and as we know 'everyone' in Italy talks with their hands.
  9. Nor would my kids, grandkids or Great grandkids! They could have all belonged to my best man, had he not ducked behind a column to dodge Mrs PP during the 'ladies excuse me'.
  10. Always loved dancing. Still do and still fancy myself as a 'mover'. Pity no one else sees it that way My first experience with dancing was when at the Windley Jr school. We would be taken across Forest Rd to Acort St where there was a school annex and we would be taught country dancing. The Windley school then was separated with boys on the lower part and girls on the upper part. So our dancing class was all boys. It didn't seem odd then for the younger junior boys to partner in a country dance. Boys in the final years did woodwork instead - again at the Acort St annex. I bla
  11. Lets hope she doesn't wake up and frighten everyone!
  12. Heyup DaveD, Keep posting mate and tell us more about Morris Dancing. Is it correct that ladies can join in now? Phil - if you think Morris dancing is silly, what about the male ballet dancers leaping about like flying pawnbroker signs?
  13. Had a great day today. Donned the lycra and went for a birthday ride, which is my custom. The vintage LOOK KG 281 with Campagnolo Record gears is still a delight to ride. This afternoon I attended the weekly meeting of the Coffin club at our local where we bragged at how well we felt and discussed the merits of heat pumps. It's been a full week. Last w/e we were taken on a tour of cider farms in Somerset by our Granddaughter. Yey! Proper cider! During to week we stayed in Bakewell for our 59th anniversary, On our way back we had lunch at Carsington, where I bought a bike for our Gt Grandd
  14. Boris Johnson - oops, sorry, wrong thread
  15. I cleaned out the chicken run yesterday. Phew!!b what a whiff I'm thinking about fermenting it and running my 17 y/o banger on the distillate. How about that for an example of the class divide? HRH's Aston running on cheese and wine and PP's ancient X-trail running on chicken shit.
  16. A different style of safety hats and vests in those days! Even wore ties to do a labouring job!!
  17. had it been the complete number with no following letters it would have cost a lot! Trouble with this plate is that every time I see it I think of you
  18. Mrs PP has a new car reg = BK66. Any offers BeeKay?