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  1. Free dinners for over 70's here in the Village today. One of the two local pubs is doing a scheduled pick up or delivery service. A choice of three pies on the menu.
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    A very angry and menacing King Cong
  3. I wonder if this pandemic will be taken as a lesson by those that caused it? If the virus was developed in a lab as many believe, will it change attitudes to what we used to call germ warfare? Oh! it bites back! The Brits were quite advanced with it at one time - anthrax based stuff etc., tested on a Highland sea loch - Griniard island if I remember correctly.
  4. Just sent my granddaughter in law next door a long range hug as she was getting in her car to go to work. Her work? Well, she is a florist at John Woods - well she was. She has been transferred to the funeral service. (Co-op). After 3 days she has learnt a lot about life and death that a normal job would not teach you. Having to deal with relatives of the deceased and yesterday a 3 month old baby. I am so proud of her.
  5. Worried about our son and eldest grandson who are both key workers. Son is a teacher and having to go in to look after the deprived kids. Grandson drives an ambulance and got two young kids waiting for him to bring the virus home! It also means that our immediate family cannot help us.
  6. No pigeon eggs delivered by the cats today - just one mouse but I won't be eating that! Thank goodness for this nice weather - back on the garden all day.
  7. Two weeks ago I shopped at Majestic wines and I was the only customer there. Received an email from them this morning to say that they could not handle demand and had to shut on Sunday. They have had to re organise buying procedure and re stock shelves before opening again 11 am tomorrow. Home deliveries still ok albeit may be a bit slower. Majestic were struggling to survive late last year - this pandemic could be their saviour.
  8. Had the two pigeon eggs fried on a slice of fresh bagette for lunch. Hope the cats bring in a few more this evening. Out on the garden all day and watching our 2 great grandchildren on the trampolene in the sunshine - brilliant
  9. We had our first home food delivery yesterday. The cats brought in two fresh pigeon eggs. Had one last week but it was left outside. They taste just the same as hen eggs but one does not go far. Hmm... we have a lot of doves and pigeons here - may build a Dovecote. They used to steal steaks from the pub kitchen but that source dried up. We never cooked one but the dog would have been happy.
  10. Well remembered Catfan and Ian. I'll be thinking about Chulla today. I wonder what he would have had to say about this virus thing?
  11. Trying to keep ahead of the curve here by doing a lot of veggie gardening. 6 kg of seed potatoes sown, another 2kg to go. Broad beans doing well. Loads of various seeds to get started in the green house. Collecting a doz grow bags this morning and a couple of replacement perspex panels for the greenhouse. Planning to build a chicken coup and run next week - a mate has some hens sitting so may be a few chicks available soon. Fresh water in the well and fish to be caught - we are ready....
  12. No time to get bored here. 35 min on the rowing machine this morning and plenty of gardening to do - digging for England! Also lucky enough to have access to lots of quiet fishing venues. I'll be fly fishing on Blithfield reservoir tomorrow - about 4 miles of bank to roam on. No personal contact and plenty of fresh air. The only thing I'm likely to catch is a trout I do believe that keeping up beat is a healthy thing to do.
  13. Had a 100% positive response today from fellow villagers/fishing pals. I have suggested that we have a 'distance tasting' session. Just to cheer us up and to keep us in good spirits. Venue - my patio. Date - a sunny day soon. Time 3 pm. Each to bring a quality bottle of whiskey, their own glass and hand gel. We sit 2 metres apart around the table. We can pour each other a glass but no touching of another's glass or bottle. Guest to walk through fire pit on leaving. (I did not put this in the invitation).
  14. Hey Phil - hope you make a full and speedy recovery, then you will have no excuse not to go fly fishing with me.
  15. Hand sanitiser in pocket and off to the pub. Last chance saloon?
  16. There is now talk of the elderly being advised to stay at home for the next 4 months! What gets me is that 'elderly' was being quoted as the over 70's Us over 80's are definitely written off! Looks like I'll be doing a lot of fishing and gardening for some fresh air and skipping the pub.
  17. J - If I was a sensitive soul I would be taking legal action against a lot of people past and present. Being deaf and until recent years extremely short sighted made me a prime target. I still get described at that deaf old git but it's true and not meant to be offensive. I do give as good as I take though and having a bit of banter is far better than being miserable. Just lighten up a bit hey
  18. Woke up with what I thought was a runny nose only to find it was a nose bleed. I can't remember ever having one before. Quite worrying and messy with no one at home to help. So light duties today, although I feel quite well otherwise. I was going to go and do a bit of panic shopping but I did most of that yesterday - large bag of spuds and two doz bottles of wine
  19. I don't remember any teachers arriving by car at any of my schools - Bentink, Windley or Berridge. They walked or bussed in. Berridge was the furthest away from where I lived and that was only 10 min walk or 3 min on the bike. when we moved to Stafford with two young children we chose to live withing walking distance of the infants, juniors and senior schools. We were not forced to have a second car like many families. The bleddy school run is so sapping on resouces as well as being unhealthy and polluting. Social planning? Just a free for all ....phew!
  20. Fending for myself, dog and two cats while Mrs PP is in Tenerife is proving quite enjoyable. Shopping in the market today - no plastic packaging. Big bunch of purple sprouting , 4 large conference pears, 2lb of washed spuds and a nice solid cabbage for a fiver. Could probably do slightly cheaper in the supermarket but for me supermarket shopping is soulless. Lunch in my fav market caff. Had to go to supermarket for a few delicacies but going to try and make my own to avoid the packaging. Penkridge market again tomorrow for a few things but mainly because I like open markets. I'll treat myself to some nice fillet steaks from the farm van and probably get some onion sets etc. ready for planting. Cooking is a bit of a laugh but fortunately Mrs PP left instructions on bits of paper stuck in appropriate places on all the appliances. Still not got the hang of working the telly though.
  21. Just about to walk the dog then off to Penkridge Market to mix with everyone before I'm banned from mixing at all.
  22. Over 70 banned form football matches! What next? I wonder if us over 80's will be banned from the pub?
  23. Another funeral yesterday Actually we quite enjoyed it No disrespect for the lovely deceased lady who probably also enjoyed the occasion. It was our first one at the Sherwood Forest Crem. What a lovely peaceful place! As well as seeing some old friends we saw our two God children for the first time in 30 years. They are the same age as our two and between them have 4 children and five grand children! It was certainly a friends united day and we have agreed to meet up again soon. We will be meeting at a cycling caff that we used as teenage cyclists sixty odd years ago. On the way to the Crem we stopped at the White Post for a coffee. We didn't realise just how big that place had become.
  24. Well I got a bit wet but managed to stay warm. My pal and I caught some superb trout averaging 5lb. Must buy a new fishing coat. The relentless wind and rain did get the better of my current one. The wee hip flask came in useful though
  25. Sleet and rain this morning and set in for the day. Should enjoy my days fly fishing. Long Johns. chest waders and a wee flask should keep me warm.