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  1. Mary - my pal was diagnosed with PD about 6 years ago. He is managing it quite well and is otherwise very fit. Odd body movements and lack of coordination douse not stop him helping me with heavy objects. Tying flies on to the line takes him ages but he gets there. Smashing bloke. Reffed footy at pro level and we still enjoy a game of pool, having similar ability, being well past past our former selves .
  2. Just returned from a fishing trip to the Highlands with 3 mates, one has PD and he is an inspiration to us. We talk about it openly - as we do other problems and it helps us all so much. Two of us with stents and other problems and one just narrowly escaped from testicular cancer. We can just about muster up one fit man between us
  3. Be glad when I can get back on my Elephant bike. It has a 3 sp SA with hub brake.
  4. As mentioned on here before - we were rejected as ten Pound Poms in the 60's. Health insurance reasons. Been watching the program Ten Pound Poms on telly - entertaining over the top but based on essential truths. Getting all my stuff together today, ready for the fishing trip to the Highlands tomorrow. Weather forecast looks decent.
  5. Feeling a bit bruised and sore after Tuesdays hernia op. Had keyhole this time. I assumed that keyhole would have been less invasive than the knife but it does not feel like it. Maybe my fault for not taking painkillers. When discharged I was Issued with big boxes of Ibuprofen and Codeine but wasted on me. I am by nature, overactive and worry that if I'm not feeling pain I may be out there doing heavy work and damage myself
  6. There wasn't a pub on Peveril St - just the back entrance to The Spread Eagle. There was a pub on Ortzen St just off Peveril St. though.
  7. There was a Mr Skillbeck teaching senior boys when I was there C1950.
  8. I wonder if it was the Spread Eagle just up Alfreton Rd from Bentink Rd? It became a nightclub. Think it was owned by Terry Doaks, a lad in the same year as me at Berridge.
  9. Well, I went fishing. Thought I may see it on Match of the day this morning
  10. DJ - ready your last post is so depressing and makes me think that voting at all is a complete waste of time. As it happens, the two independents that I voted for are well known local people that are trusted to deal with local issues.
  11. Amused to see that our daughter and Ruby, her dog, were on sky News yesterday and in the Telegraph today. They turned up to vote yesterday and Ruby was wearing an ID tag complete with her photo.
  12. I voted Independent because I believe that party politics should not influence local issues....and it's a LOCAL election after all!
  13. I really enjoyed this years Worlds. In my opinion it was the best ever, with the 'establishment' being challenged so successfully. I fancied Brecel to win after the second round. Very exciting player with the 'wow' factor that we have associated with the Rocket for so long. Looking forward to seeing young Si at the table again.
  14. On this day 56 years ago it snowed in Nottingham. I didn't see it because I was in bed in the eye infirmary with pads over both eyes. Mrs PP was in Peel St giving birth to our son. I had been made redundant a week earlier and there was a possibility of me being blind for life. Amazing how things turned out for us all. Probably mentioned this before but it is something that I have often looked back on when things get tough.
  15. I used to joke about my daily check list before leaving the house. Medication yes, teeth yes, glasses yes, hearing device batteries yes, truss yes (the last bit was the joke but not anymore). Anyway - hernia op planned for 23rd May. Oddly enough I'm really enjoying life. Still fishin, rowin, cyclin and drinkin
  16. Finished the 'Joseph' wall yesterday, at last! (Wall of many colours). Had to get my brickie mate to help eventually. 9 different makes of reclaimed bricks used. Had to grade them by thickness and power wash the lot. Today I will continue with the landscaping by preparing a raised footpath, ready for about 50 small antique paving stones that were formerly in our cottage passageway. This fine weather is a Godsend - want to stay outside all the time.
  17. In the 50's and 60's Winter evenings, training in the dark was a problem. Battery lights were too weak and expensive to run so I had a hub dynamo built into a racing wheel. I used tubular tyres exclusively in those days and had to get Henry Lloyd to build a special wheel on a sprint rim. Probably unique. At training speed the hub dyno generated a really good light.
  18. 1. Privatisation of public services. (Which other Governments invest in!) 2. Pollution from water companies. 3. Agricultural pollution including salmon farming. 4. Pollution from industry. 5. Single use plastics and devices (e cigs etc,) 6. Leaving the EU. 7. Boris Johnson's dad (does that count as 2?). 8. Trump becoming US Pres. 9. People trafficking. 10. Going deaf.
  19. I was there during WW2 and remember the air raid sirens and shelters more than anything else. My sister was there 10 years later and our Granddad was the lollipop man on the crossing from the Alma pub.
  20. Hope you have a lovely day today MARGIE on you BIRTHDAY love Mr & Mrs PP xx
  21. The club closed Conegre lake in respect of the funeral. It's supposed to be a very good lake. The Trent nearby has been made accessible recently - must get down there.
  22. Phil - we really should go fishing together one day. I have yet to go to our club water at Thurgaton. Just two trout this afternoon but a few blanks with other members. Gave one of the trout to our Ghurkha neighbour and we fried the other for tea. Our neighbour brought half of the trout that he had cooked over to us and we added a bit + juices to our fried one. He knows about spices!
  23. Phil - I was just waiting for you to make that response . Been there many times... Probably register the design. That's cheap enough. I'm only running this business for fun anyway