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  1. Heyup Carni. Glad that you are staying as positive as ever and just hoping that Chris has improved. It is said that neighbours are a reflection of yourself.
  2. Names with a NE twist Nuke and Sandie? Newcastle Brown and Sand dancer?
  3. Back on course. Still have a lot of stump/root chopping to do. Can't get a machine in to do it because the roots have grown around an ancient drain from next doors cottages. Also, the tree was growing right next to their fence and roots go under their property. So it's pick axe and shovel. Once most of the root stems are uncovered I will power wash them off and go in with the chainsaw. It's a big bogger with roots under three properties. The Tree Protection Order (TPO) didn't do any of us any favours.
  4. Well, I was heading to Port but think I'll stick to shanties.
  5. Canoe explain that a bit more clearly Phil?
  6. Poor Phil. Only got a bucket so it won't be going to his heads.
  7. Our scout troupe were taken to Walesby camp on the back of a lorry and I sat on the toilet seat box. I commoded it because it was the most comfortable place
  8. Just been over to Armitage on Shanks pony.
  9. No. It's so that no one recognises me in my fish nets.
  10. That's the second ton and a half of rocks loaded up and taken away. Took the other half of rocks up to one of our fishing pools to plug a leak. This afternoon spent pick axing roots of Yew tree. It will take at least 2 more days but it's the sort of work that I enjoy. Just sitting behind a nice Bourbon at the mo.
  11. What a Bala-cala-va! I'll be wearing mine tomorra.
  12. Ouch! Lizzie - how are you this morning?
  13. The Yew tree has finally been cut down. All soft stuff taken away. A LOT of firewood lying around to be collected tomorrow on my mates 3t Ifor Williams. The tree surgeon was kind enough to cut two 2m planks out of the main trunk. They will make a fine rustic garden seat that will be sited where the tree was. 10t skip now filled with soil and will be replaced with an empty one on Friday. Going fishing on Thursday for a rest .
  14. The hens will remain locked up tomorrow when the tree surgeons are at work. Cats and dog won't like it either when the chainsaws and diesel shredder are on the go. Caught another live mouse and put it outside this morning. The cats have stopped killing them for some reason? They just bring the mice in and play with them. I have learnt where the mice hide out and able to rescue them unharmed - that is until they get into the pantry, then it's the trap..
  15. My neighbour showed me an ariel photo of our road taken in 1960 and amazed at how a place can change in a short 60 years. There is a good view of our house which solves one mystery and adds another. When I was modifying the kitchen 30 years ago there was soot marks inside of a wall that suggested that a copper boiler had been there. But there was no sign of a chimney. The photo shows that a chimney stack came through the roof then but with two pots on it? There are still three stacks remaining with two, three and four pots on them. So that made eleven pots in total but I can only account for nine? At least the starlings find them useful. Only three pots in use now. Interestingly there were no pavements on the road and it was not tarmacked. Not a car in sight! The Yew tree that is being felled tomorrow was quite small; indicating that it is not an ancient tree, thank goodness..
  16. Good to hear that you are on the mend Carni Our Granddaughter and he partner were bedridden with it 10 days ago but have now recovered. She thinks she picked it up from her football team. Never thought that the best footballer in the whole family would be a girl
  17. Oh dear Carni Please get well soon and fit enough to tear up and down the canal towpaths with a big smile on your face.
  18. Third day of pickaxing and shovelling soil, roots and rocks. All has to be wheelbarrowed to the skip 20 metres away. The skip is just over half full and another two days should fill it. Found four old 6' gravel boards under the surface. They took some removing, being those old heavy ones - about twice the weight of modern ones. They will be used to top the stone wall that I will be building. Enjoying this manual labour
  19. Count me in for the 'bar stool' meetup. Being a special occasion I will wear my dinner jacket. You can tell it's a dinner jacket by all of those stains down the front from lots of dinners! Wait a minute! There will be 'special' ladies there....OK I'll buy a new one