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  1. Good morning Phil, Just wondering how your hip has turned out and that you are back into full action? I mentioned some time ago about the trout lakes at Thurgaton. Apparently they are fishing very well but I have as yet not visited them. Hopefully you might join me there one day when things get more normal? Look up DCAC for details. I can take you as a guest. Cheers Terry

    1. philmayfield


      My hip’s fine thanks. I’m a bit rusty on casting. I’ve still got to joint a new line to the backing on my reel as the last one got tangled round the prop of the boat on Loch Awe. There are no fish in there by the way!

    2. PeverilPeril


      A fishing pal had lots of pike from Loch Awe in July. I'm having a day there next July when we stay in a posh hotel in Oban. Be my first time. What weight line do you  use? To get back into casting I suggest you use a line one weight heavier that your rod spec.

    3. philmayfield


      I've got a reel of Grey's Platinum Stealth WF7 translucent intermediate to go with my Grey's 7/8 9'6" rod. I like Oban but not the single malt from the seafront distillery. Very harsh. I much prefer a Jura from the nearby island. We always rent a cottage at Craobh Haven, just down the coast from Oban, which is handy for both sea and loch fishing. There's a good pub/restaurant, the Lord of the Isles, in the marina there and we buy fresh crab and lobster from the quayside shop in Oban.

  2. Tim - I knew your dad and mum (Val) very well. We were all at Palin St Baptist and youth club together. My cousin Janice is still a close friend of Val - who I was sorry to hear is not to well. Your mam will remember me. Terry

    1. timgnottm


      Terry, mum passed away on Tuesday after a long battle with Dementia and Parkinson’s. Janice does know through Marie Chaplin. Best wishes, Tim

    2. PeverilPeril


      Tim, I'm sorry I misread your first post. My mum suffered the same ailments. I have such fond memories of your parents. Good people and I will always remember them.  The hikes, badminton and laughs. Terry