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  1. Bought my very first dress from a boutique in Hockley, the corner of Stoney Street/Goosegate in 1965 short sleeves, round neck, high waist in floral needlecord very mod. The shop is long gone and I don't know the name of it, but I do rememeber Vicky's and bought from there often, another shop was Barbara's just up from the then Broadmarsh Bus station.
  2. Coty L'Aimant is still a favourite, I use to buy FLAIR can anyone remember it ?
  3. Thankx for the greetings MelissaJKelly, slowly getting my way around this.
  4. Hi, In the 60s can you remember the tolebridge over the Trent from Wilford to the beginning of the meadows with a tiny kios where the money was collected by car uses the kios later ended up as a place where you could buy cobs and drinks when it returned to a walk and cycle path, and more recently the bridge will be used in the Tram network. Near this area of the River Trent was Clifton Pit, closed down in the 60s. I.v seen photos of the great flood around this area small boats and other makeshift transportation was used to get around and a devastating effect on properties with cellars.
  5. Hi Babs saw you last night at the hart, we joint the nostalgia this morning and all this is new to us so patience makes perfect! A goodnight was had at the hart and we'll do it again soon. Mods and Rockers was an exciting time for a 15 year old great new music from America and Liverpool the later is still big big. Cheers will speak soon.