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  1. That's it CT spot on and yes ben it was across the road and a little bit down from the Co op
  2. Gedling ben, it was on the border of Main Rd Gedling and Gedling Rd Carlton. It would be in the 50s when me and my sis would be munching away trying to finish all the biscuits before our older brothers could take them of us.
  3. You're right there ben, I remember me and my sister walking up to Marsdens every Saturday we would both carry a bag and mi mams order book. All the shop assistants would talk to us and ask about the family and the Manager would give us a bag of broken biscuits to eat on the way home
  4. Would they be open to bribery Carnie.
  5. I have two tickets going spare if anyone is interested.
  6. I hope all the post about post are Nottingham post.
  7. Thanks everyone I've had a lovely day with my Daughter and Grandson, my oldest Grandson is coming tonight after work so we will share a bottle of red and finish of the cake. Sorry carni, but it want be long for yours
  8. The Ritz cinema was the first cinema my late husband and I went to together. bonnie and clyde, wasn't a bad film.
  9. I think we must have all been there in the 60s 70s wonder if we did meet if only in passing.
  10. I think you just need to grow up CF
  11. That's funny Compo, I was only talking to my daughter the other day about things you don't see anymore and I said cheese 'n onion cobs. Pub grub of the day.
  12. According to the calculator I would save about £130 a year, I think I'll have to look into this.
  13. Great to know you're out and about ben.
  14. True Lizzie I've towed a caravan many miles and the number of car drivers that will break their neck to get round you is amazing, even if you are driving to the speed limit.
  15. nonna I have dug a couple of rosemary bushes up when they have got to woody and have had no problem. I think if you dig around the root cut hack or saw off below ground level you should be ok. If you leave it above ground level it will push it's way though.
  16. I had that problem Fly when I had my lady shed delivered they call it kerb side drop off. I played my feeble female card and he bought it though the gates for me. I did give him a £10 pound tip.
  17. Haaaa just figured out how to do it.
  18. Happy Birthday David, hope you have a good one.
  19. Really and I've just cleaned my lady shed out ready for the nice weather.
  20. I was very anti FB at one time but just over a year ago I felt I was losing touch with my family in Canada so I joined and it's been great to share family memories. I have had one or two strange friend request but I just delete them.
  21. I haven't had a pond in my garden for 20 years now PP but I still get lots of frogs I hate the things they jump out at me when I'm gardening. My 8 year old Grandson informed me that frogs have a life span of 11 years, not in my garden they don't my dog has had two already this weekend. Sorry Frog lovers.
  22. Happy Birthday Margi, hope you have a lovely day.
  23. Loved going to Nottm Castle Nonna when my children were young it was the place to go during school holidays and we would always make a bee line to the large old paintings never got tied of looking at them. It's having a big refurbishment at the moment so we'll see how that goes.