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  1. So sorry to hear your sad news SG, look after yourself and be kind to yourself at this sad time.
  2. I don't think it is jumping the queue it was on radio Nottm they were asking people over 70 to book on line and not to wait for a letter, I think they were trying to up their numbers. I would never try to jump the queue.
  3. I went on line Thursday and booked mine I have it Saturday at the QMC
  4. Belated Birthday wishes Albert, happy new year hope you had a lovely Christmas x
  5. So pleased you are home Ben, I did put a message on wishing you well but it disappeared I'm using a new tablet let's see if this one stays where I put it.
  6. Hope you've had a lovely day Jill happy birthday.
  7. sorry I missed your birthday Lizzie, belated wishes from me sounds like you had a lovely day x
  8. Only just got this BK , you take it easy and I hope you're feeling lots better soon.
  9. Condolences to you and your family Nonna.
  10. Condolences to you and your wife Ben I'm pleased she was able to be with her Mum x
  11. Might try that next week RR that's if I can fit it into my busy schedule
  12. It makes me chuckle all the men knowing where the 2 hour free parking is. Two hours is a quick nip to the shops, can't do proper shopping in that time.
  13. 2kg Margi what's that in English, I don't weigh myself and I walk twice a day 45 mins in the morning and anything up to 2 hrs in the afternoon. The rest of the time I will be gardening and the normal housework but I know I'm putting weight on I put it down to being on my own 24/7 and not having my normal routine. To much time to think and eat.
  14. More than happy r r the total lack of concern help and guidance the government has given to care homes is appalling and verging on criminal. I'm not saying any other party would have done better but more than happy!! don't know about that.
  15. Being the youngest of eleven children I have a wide musicale taste I love all the 50s rock & roll but Little Richard must be my all time favourite.
  16. Brew I can lend you a bucket and sponge
  17. My thoughts are with you nonna what is happening in the care homes is a scandal they have been left to there own devises by the powers that be and they are totally out of their depth. The owners/ managers needed help and guidance from the beginning and they didn't get it. I hope you hear from them soon nonna and get the regular updates.
  18. Happy Birthday carni hope you have a good one
  19. Thank you all I appreciate your kind words.
  20. Now the impacted of cv is waning for the news channels they are ramping up the anxiety with all the doom and gloom of what is going to happen to the country when it's over and it really annoys me, we have plenty to cope with now the rest is out of our control. My brother was the eleventh person to die in his care home this week none were tested and no staff have been tested. It breaks my heart.
  21. My condolences on your sad loss Deepdene your dad sounds like he was a fine man, treasure those memories.
  22. Thank you all for my birthday wishes it has made a difference I haven't felt great over the past few weeks. I had a phone call from Mr and Mrs Carnie singing happy birthday down the phone this morning that was great. Now it's time for a glass of wine or two and a chocolate lunch in the garden with the company of a good book.
  23. Ay up Margie less of the elderly.
  24. Congratulations Albert and Barbara