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  1. glad to hear your comments karlton ...u got a gud un there...priceless..
  2. cinder toffee, traffic light lollipops kalie(not sure if spelt correctly2oz kalie to dip yer lollipop in ...yum ooh and sherbert dips
  3. i remember them they were round with hole in middle like polos but fruit flavoured , loved them
  4. yes i remember Wimpey at bottom of exchange walk where mcdonalds is now...worked as a junior at hallam brackett high paid every every friday me and a colleague treated ourselves to a wimpey meal....brings back memories...the food was delicious ...unfortunately it was so popular ...very busy...service took we only had an hour lunchbreak were often back late !!!
  5. only just jumped into this topic so if someone else has already mentioned this sorry!does anyone remember green shield stamps.....smiths crisps with a little blue sachet of salt inside!!
  6. i remember newspaper cut into squares ...outside loos and outside tin bath
  7. rag and bone man with his horse and cart the only thing near to that now are the numerous vans cruising the streets for unwanted metal items...and charities that post bags through the door for u to fill with unwanted items...
  8. only just joined in and havent read all the if i repeat anything ...sorry!!if you eat your carrots u will be able to see in the dark....if u eat yer crusts your hair will be curly...if u dont behave you will get a clip round the earhole,,,oh look at that bobo...referring to a horse lol...
  9. the ones we had were metal....i absolutely loved my roller skates was the best ever
  10. sledging was always great fun ofcourse we all had wooden ones , nothing like the plastic ones of today...we still have a wooden one in our garage form when my husband was little ...our grandchildren now use it ...we have purchased plastic ones in the past which have not lasted long as they crack...
  11. yes i believe they were called trollies not go carts in our days