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  1. Richard. Password sorted. I'm typing, he's dictating. I left school on Friday in 1941 aged 15 and started work at Jones on Monday for the princely sum of 4d per hour (60 hours for one pound). Walked down Joneses yard with great trepidation. I'd been to see Mr Wood the manager who'd told me to go to the stores, on the way there the first person I met was Jimmy Bust, a little gnome like fellow who to me looked in his eighties, in the stoving shop. I was shown what was what in the stores, people brought me chits and I handed them their stuff.This was pretty boring although once the police
  2. First post (guided my son) who's shown me this site. I started work aged 15 at J Jones & Co on Canal Street in 1941. Long shot I know but I was wondering if there's anyone on here with a connection to that place from that era. At 90 I understand this could be a futile request. Thanks, Jack.